Wednesday, November 7, 2018


I have been so fortunate to be a part of the Whittier Community for over 40 years now. The My Whittier brand was created in 2012 but the idea was formulated at a much younger age. Growing up in Whittier in the early 70's and 80's I had a childhood I would not change even if I could. The city of Whittier is a part of my heart and soul. To me the air in Whittier smells different, I know every street and every nook and cranny of this city. I have walked the streets of uptown Whittier more times than I can count.  Being a long time Whittier resident I thought it would be fun to give a comprehensive look at the city of Whittier from a locals perspective and that is exactly what I did.

"A Show for Whittier Local's"

The My Whittier Podcast is a show for Whittier locals. I will be talking with local Whittier personalities, small business owners. We will visit local eateries and historic landmarks and discuss Whittier's amazing past, present and future. 

We sat down with Bryan Garrison from Jack's Restaurant 
and Hemlock Vapor Co. CBT

I felt it was important to delve in to Whittier's past and acknowledge all of the things I loved about Whittier growing up. It could have been something so insignificant at the time like dropping a quarter in to a Pac-Man machine for the first time ever at Captain Video on Comstock Ave. Or enjoying the 
"UPTOWN FESTIVAL" in the 1980's or playing little league baseball at Kaufman Field on Washington Blvd in the 1970's 

At the end of the day "My Whittier" is your Whittier as well. Many of us were experiencing the same childhood memories on the next block over or on the other side of town. Whittier is such a special place and we are taking those warm and fuzzy thoughts and delivering a great podcast. I hope you will take the time to listen to an episode or two. I would greatly appreciate it.

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Monday, September 17, 2018

Farewell to Battel’s

Soon Battel’s will be closed for good. When they opened their doors 75 years ago you could buy a home for $3,600 bucks and grab a bottle of coke for five cents. As Whittier changed over the years Battel’s was always there to serve. It was the “go to” place for everything home care. Anything from buying a screw or power tool or maybe some sound advice. Battel’s has been and will always be remembered as one of Whittier’s all time great stores. Not just because of the jaw dropping 75 years in biz but because of the way they did it. Class and dignity. They cared! In the day and age of “sorry not my department” they were cut from the old cloth. I understand things change and things evolve but Whittier will lose a little bit of that small town charm when Battel’s closes its doors for good. I for one will miss them very much. Thank you for the many great years of service you were a beaut.

Friday, September 7, 2018


It seems like just yesterday Belly Bombz hit the scene here in Uptown Whittier, California. I remember it very well. I had always admired their amazing food creations from a far on Instagram. So when they went from award winning food truck to brick and mortar restaurant right here in my own backyard I was ecstatic! Obviously I had to try it and did the first week they were in biz. Located on Comstock a stones throw away from the Uptown hustle and bustle I actually really dig the location.

Belly Bombz
6717 Comstock Ave.
Uptown Whittier District, 90601

Belly Bombz is a Korean inspired wing and burger concept by Executive Chef Albert Shim. What started out as a playful conversation among friends quickly turned in to a real business producing real flavors for customers all over Southern California Belly Bombz bought their first food truck in September of 2012. Hanging their hat on sauces from scratch and food made to order they have carved out a really nice niche. The flavors are well planned and cohesive, in other words it is  "KILLER."

"Mom's recipe" & "Zombie" Wings
Belly Bombz has a flavor for just about everyone.

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My camera man James and I were so excited when we decided to shoot a video over at Belly Bombz. I mean we love hot wings, we love burgers, we love grilled cheese so naturally this was going to be a perfect match. The interior of Belly Bombz restaurant is unique with a great vibe. Music is playing, TV's are rolling and the sweet smell of food is in the air.

Belly Bombz started out at a Farmers Market in Long Beach.
So glad they landed here in Whittier

As we settled in for the shoot we were reading the menu and could not pass up the 5150 cheeseburger with avocado. We also felt compelled to grab the BBQ pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich. WOW! We are so glad we did. The burger was delicious and had so much flavor. This is where making sauces from scratch and food to order really pays off. The BBQ pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich was cheesy, smokey and the pork was delicious. The bread was perfectly toasted. My camera man James was instantly hooked and talks about it daily.  

"These wings arrived just in time for football season"

The feast was on! We managed to take most of this down.

We also had the signature wings here at Belly Bombz they have many flavors to choose from. I had to order the ZOMBIE WINGS a habanero sauced wing that will light your mouth a blaze. To offset the heat I ordered some "Mom's Recipe" wings for James he prefers the mild stuff. These are a sweet and tangy wing with sesame chili vinaigrette. Super delicious and would go perfect with a side of Steamed jasmine rice. That is a side menu option. Other notable wing options are Spicy Garlic Parmesan, Honey Chipotle BBQ. 

One of the best burgers I have had in a while. So good!

I am literally planning my next meal here as I write this. Seriously at one point my head was literally spinning from all of the amazing flavors going on at one time. I really enjoyed it. Belly Bombz also offers rice bowls for those of you who don't do the burger, wing thing. They have three options chicken, pork belly and boneless short rib. Genius! 

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Chang's Fried Chicken sandwich you will be mine!
Photo credit: Belly Bombz

Serving crafted soda and side dishes that are to die for Belly Bombz has it all going on. If you are a foodie with a heart for food truck goodies you are going to love Belly Bombz. I can't believe they are actually here in my backyard Whittier, California. Just in time for football season and yes they do cater. 562-696-1111

This just makes me happy.
These great flavors created by Executive Chef Albert Shim

In today's food game you have to have more than a pretty Instagram feed you need substance. In this case Belly Bombz checks all of the boxes for me. The staff is top notch, knowledgeable and super nice. The food doesn't only look good it is good. The Korean inspired flavors are right in my wheelhouse. This was a really enjoyable meal. James and I had a great time filming this meal and we will have that video up and available on My Whittier TV soon!

I also wanted to personally thank Executive Chef Albert Shim and staff for a really great experience. I am so happy to see so many entrepreneurs going after their dreams and doing what they love right here in the city of Whittier. There is so much talent here in our great city. If you find yourself at Belly Bombz and YOU WILL find yourself at Belly Bombz drop me a line and let me know what you think. I would love to hear your take on this great little spot.

Belly Bombz
6717 Comstock Ave.
Uptown Whittier District, 90601
Belly Bombz on the web

Remember to Eat, Shop, Live, Whittier

Look for our video on My Whittier TV
we had a great time at Belly Bombz

Friday, August 24, 2018


Recently I had an old high school friend contact me via Facebook asking me to try out a new pizza joint that opened up recently in Whittier. I am always a tad bit skeptical when I get requests like this only because there are so many pizza places in town and my personal pizza standards are pretty high. But he was a friend and who am I to turn down an opportunity to try a new pizza. So I made my way over to Pizza 21

Pizza 21
8017 Norwalk Blvd, Whittier CA 90606

Pizza 21 is located right on Washington and Norwalk Blvd. there are many shops in this little strip mall area. When I approached the restaurant I really didn't know what to expect but as soon as I walked in I was really pleased! The interior of Pizza 21 is really clean and inviting, great design. Immediately I thought to myself, "I could see myself hanging out here." Really nice job. So right off the bat I was digging the vibes but how is the pizza?

This Pizza was as good as it look!
Half Pastrami & Half Pepperoni and Sausage
with a dozen Hot Wings
Order One Today!

As I said before my personal pizza standards are very high. If you have been a long time follower of my brand you know I don't tout myself as an expert but more as a "Self Proclaimed Foodie" but I do know what I like. I have had my share of pizza in Whittier and I am here to tell you Pizza 21 is a contender in the local pizza game. The pastrami pizza was so darn good I honestly had no idea I would fall so hard for those flavors. Delicious pastrami, cheese and pickles topped with mustard, YUM! The crust on this pizza is right on target for me it is not to doughy but thick. It has a really nice texture with the perfect crunch with every bite.

The Pepperoni and Sausage Pizza is
Dynamite! Throw some Mushrooms on and you have masterpiece

The pizza was the start of the show but they also do darn good chicken wings. These wings are unique because they are always baked and never fried. Yes that is right always baked. It really makes for a healthier version of the hot wing and offers a really nice taste. I had the buffalo style wings and the BBQ flavor and they were both really good. I can tell you with certainty that Pizza 21 hop scotched over one of my long time favorite pizza joints in Whittier who will go unnamed. Pizza 21 will be locked in to my regular pizza rotation for sure! 


Sweets & Treats by LILLY
My Pizza 21 adventure could not have went any better. I was completely blindsided by the quality and taste of this place. My buddy gave me a good lead and that is always awesome when that happens. Now after stuffing my face to the limit on pizza and wings I turn my head and see a dessert window with all kinds of amazing treats. Naturally I had to investigate. I do this as a service for the people of Whittier and if that means my diet goes off the rails sometimes then so be it.

Lilly's Sweet Treats is right!
This cookie has a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup
inside. How do you do it LILLY!?


I somehow managed to take two big bites of the cookie pictured above and even though I was full I am so glad I did. My GOODNESS! I have had a lot of cookies in my day and this one shot in to my top 5 with just one bite. I am a sucker for peanut butter and chocolate and somehow Lilly managed to put the perfect spin on the two flavors, wowzers! Lilly bakes a variety of different sweet treats and they are ALL good. She has a flavor for just about everyone. Make sure and grab some sweet treats when you visit Pizza 21 you can even get them to go for a sweet treat at home.

It doesn't get any better than these two owners
Andy & Lilly
I told you about the great interior of this place. I told you how amazing the pizza and wings are. I even told you about the incredible desserts they offer but there is one thing that tops everything at Pizza 21. The best part of Pizza 21 is the owners Andy and Lilly. This family owned pizzeria is owned by some great local people. They have been throwing dough since the 1980's and it shows. Former owners of BlackJack Pizza in La Habra Andy and Lilly have hit the ground running here in Whittier. They are both pleasant and friendly and it is totally genuine. I spent about an hour and a half at Pizza 21 on this day as we shot some video. Everyone that came in was greeted warmly and to my surprise they already had regulars coming back to order and visit. I was glad I had the opportunity to meet these two. I love to see quality family owned business's open up here in Whittier. I wish them nothing but the best of luck and I will definitely be a frequent customer of Pizza 21.

If you would like to see the actual dining experience I had at Pizza 21 click the link below. 

Special Thanks to Pizza 21 James and I appreciate the hospitality.

Friday, August 10, 2018

3 Ways to Beat the Heat in Whittier, CA

As you know Whittier has been hit with a serious heat wave this summer. Each week seems to get hotter and more humid than the next. So I decided to give you three ways to beat the heat here in Whittier, California. These are three ways I like to cool off on a hot day.

#1 Scotty's Flowers & Gifts

Ever since I was a young kid I have always loved snow cones. After the snow cone I graduated to the Raspado. Something about beautifully shaved ice topped with a delicious flavored syrup has always been a favorite. So years ago when I discovered the Hawaiian Shaved Ice at Scotty's Flowers and Gifts I have never looked back. 

Scotty's Flowers & Gifts
10250 Colima Rd, Whittier 90605

Scotty's has been producing the best shaved Ice in Whittier for years it has been an delicious, affordable treat that I just can't get enough of on a hot day. Traditionally Hawaiian Ice is served with vanilla ice cream at the bottom of the cup. I like mine to have 100% shaved ice but that vanilla ice cream, shaved ice topped with root beer flavor topping sounds like a dream. So many flavor combos to choose from and so good! Scotty's comes in at my number one way to cool off here in the city of Whittier.

Such a great way to beat the heat. This was Coconut,
Pineapple & Boysenberry. So good for $2 Bucks.

#2 Rockies Frozen Yogurt

Depending on the day and how my taste buds are flowing Rockies Frozen yogurt could easily be number one on my list. This family owned business on Whittier Blvd is a "MUST STOP" location on a hot day in Whittier, California.

Rockie's Frozen Yogurt
14748 Whittier Blvd.
Whittier, 90605

Rockie's Frozen Yogurt has been serving up delicious froyo for many years here in Whittier. The small children that frequented this great place are now adults with kids of their own. Rockies serves great yogurt but they are far from a one trick pony. Rockies has evolved over the years and has asserted themselves as the place in Whittier to get frozen yogurt, Italian Ice, Acia bowls, and my personal favorite the Dole Whip. 

The Dole Whip is the STAR of the SHOW here
at Rockie's
Nothing beats a refreshing Dole Whip at Rockies. This is an authentic version of the drink. I am an annual pass holder at Disneyland and I can tell you this drink is exactly the same. You can even throw on some Mickey Mouse ears, a Mickey T-Shirt and head down to Rockie's. I will see you there! 

Hope to see you here at Rockies

#3 Virgie's Cafe

If you live in Whittier and are familiar with the Uptown Whittier area now known as the 
"Uptown Whittier District" you have seen many changes over the years. Most people get excited for change as new business's pop up and new foodie destinations arrive. I applaud change as well but what really floats my boat is when I see a business stand the test of time just being who they are. Virgie's Cafe is definitely a Whittier original.

Virgie's Cafe
7028 Greenleaf Ave # C
Whittier Uptown District, 90602

Virgie's is such a great place because they have kept things simple and original. Every time I walk in it takes me back to the way things used to be here in Whittier. They have their signature decor all over the walls offering up an array of vintage stuffed animals and toys. (all for sale by the way) Video games are lined up along the wall giving you that old school arcade feel.

Love it here. It has such a great nostalgic feel that takes me back
in time.

The menu offers up traditional sandwiches and hot dogs & even a great pastrami sando. You won't find gourmet hamburgers or bbq ribs here but they do make a great tuna sandwich. They sell candy and cold drinks as well. But one of the many reasons I come to Virgie's is for the Thrifty Ice Cream. On this hot day in Whittier I grabbed a delicious and refreshing cone of rainbow sherbet.

Rainbow Sherbet Cone Nice & Cold!
Perfect for a hot day.
 Well there you have it My Whittier's top 3 ways to keep cool on a hot day here in Whittier. I would love to know how you keep cool in Whittier and I would also like to hear what you think of my top 3. Drop me a line at or leave a comment below. You can also view this story on our YouTube channel here is a direct link.

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I would like to thank Scotty's Flowers & Gifts, Rockies Frozen Yogurt & Virgie's Cafe. I appreciate you guys and love to support our small business here in Whittier, California.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Uptown Whittier Car Show

Mark your calendars for the car show in uptown Whittier this Saturday. It will be an amazing show 🚘#mywhittier will be in the house so make sure and stop by our booth and say hello. It will be a great time.We can’t wait hope to see you there.