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I was so fortunate to grow up in Whittier I have so many memories. As a kid growing up in the 70's & 80's you never know how much of an impact a city can have on you. You go through life making friends and memories never understanding how much you love your favorite pizza place until its gone years later. Time goes by and things change but I am so fortunate to have all of those wonderful memories as a child. I was also fortunate enough to have it all come full circle as an adult. This May 2012 I had my wedding in Whittier at the Historic Mission Court in Uptown Whittier. I am a Whittier boy who met his Whittier girl and had a Whittier wedding, CLASSIC!

My wife had a vision for our wedding and made everything for our big day, it was truly amazing and unique. We called it a "Senorita Chic Wedding" Cheers!

Mission Court Courtyard. It was a day wedding that went in to the night. The ambiance was so beautiful and the energy was full of love and happiness. Almost 200 friends and family were there to share our wonderful day.

It was such a great day and night perfect weather for a wedding

Senorita Chic. The Arch in back was designed by my wife as well as all of the paper flowers for the wedding.

My Whittier Girl, The Brides are Prettier in Whittier

The amazing cake and cupcakes were provided by Sugar Expressions in Uptown Whittier (562.945.6100) they really took our vision to the next level. Most importantly they were so delish.
We love owls :)

Sugar Expressions in Uptown Whittier
 Every table had it's own unique center piece designed by my wife they came out so great!

The paper flowers really made the venue "pop" and added so much color

Everyone in our wedding was so great. Thank you!

We did it in front of our family and friends in Whittier so great!

We posed for pictures and the party began and so did our married life together.

Happy 7 Month Anniversary Babe, Love You.

Special Thanks  

Thank you to my wife who said YES and married me.
Need someone to marry you? We love Marie Burns Holzer wow! Let's get married so cal call her today 951.468.5699 she is the absolute best!
Ring Design and Setting by the best Oasis Jewelry thank you Manuel you are the best!
The wonderful cake and cupcakes were provided by Sugar Expressions in Uptown Whittier
Affordable and Professional DJ Service "DJ Ryan" 310.918.1874
Rooms and group rates were provided by The Raddison Hotel in Whittier
Amazing pictures taken by
Ring Pillow and other fantastic items purchased at Luna Sol 6711 Bright Ave 562.201.9415 
Cousin Cindy for all of your help with EVERYTHING!
Linda Angulo my awesome mother in law for all that she did. She made it possible.
Mom and Pop Ruiz my parents for helping us out on our wonderful day
All of the Brides Maids and Groomsmen you were great thank you
Brother Alex and Sister in Law Jessica Thank You for the booze and support.
Mandy & Avi you came through big thank you guys.
Every one of our friends and family who attended and made our day so special. We love you all.
Please contact me with any questions you have

Thursday, November 15, 2012


As an "old school" resident of Whittier I often think about how good things were back in the day. I grew up in the 80's and when you walked in to an establishment back then customer service was essential. Back then when you went to your favorite restaurant you knew that the quality and taste would be there every time. You felt comfortable when you walked in just like you feel when you visit an old friend. Whittier has had it's share of Italian restaurants come and go and currently there are more than a few in the Uptown Whittier area. I can tell you with one hundred percent certainty that I have found a game changer for Italian food in the Uptown Whittier area. It was just like running in to an old friend.

Ciao Italian Ristorante! Far from the new kid on the block Ciao Italia first opened it's doors in Whittier on August 29, 2007 as Ciao Panini Grill. Exclusively selling Grilled Paninis and fresh salads at this location. It was a total success and people loved it.

First Location Opened August 29, 2007

The Regina Family is originally from Calabria, Italy but have been residents of Whittier since 1982. Married for 33 years Maurizio and Rosanna are proud parents of son Maurizio 25 and daughter Giuliana 18. Ciao Italia Ristorante is truly the 5th member of the Regina family serving up home style recipes that were handed down to them from their very own mothers. The meals are made with love and you can taste it with every bite. Nice old school portions you will be taking some to go for sure.

The Regina Family Maurizio, Rosanna & Giuliana.

Maurizio & Son Maurizio Jr.

Ciao Italia is best describes as "authentic & fresh". Butter and cream are NEVER used in ANY of Rosanna's dishes. This one was incredible fresh ingredients with great flavor.

Nice Healthy Portions! Loved the spicy sausage on this dish, wow!

Imported Deli Meats, Locally Made Fresh Mozzarella, San Marzano Tomato's

I can speak first hand regarding the pizza and it is fantastic! Made to order with imported deli meats, traditional pizza pasta served on an authentic thin crust which allow for the flavors to really shine through. If you are a thin crust pizza lover you won't find a better one in Whittier. This is also a new member of the MY WHITTIER top 10 Pizza's.

Spicy and Mild Pizza is Fantastic!

The Regina family has truly created something special and original here in Whittier. With the fantastic menu and beautiful restaurant and old school hospitality. When you walk in to this restaurant you are instantly transported to Italy. The restaurant is roomy but cozy and very comfortable. Customers are encouraged to sit and enjoy their meals no rushing here. Maurizo said "this is how we eat in Italy. family and friends take their time and enjoy the meal and have good conversation." I agree! With all of the stress of today's world this is exactly what the doctor ordered. You can really let your hair down here and enjoy because that is how Maurizio and Rosanna make you feel.

Plan your Christmas party here it would be a great location with plenty of room

Beautiful interior transports you right to Italy. There was a lot of thought put in to this restaurant

Owner Maurizio is a class act always willing to welcome you with a smile

You can also end your meal with an Espresso or Cappuccino made with Italy's finest coffee. Desserts include homemade Cannoli & Tiramisu and much more. They had a great selection of Beer and Wine as well. If you haven't had a chance to try Ciao please do yourself a favor and go today! Lunch and dinner available for sit down or take out.

Great Beer & Wine Selection

Ciao Italia Ristorante

13112 Philadelphia St
Business Hours:
Monday - Saturday 11am-9pm
Closed Sunday
Phone orders accepted!

This restaurant is MY WHITTIER approved. Please go out and support local Whittier business it is good for the soul and good for the community. Try it you will be surprised at what you might find!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

HOOVER & Mrs. KNIGHT the perfect recipe

One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is to frequent Estate Sales in the area. My wife and I have made it a hobby of ours. We check out the listings of  estate sales in the Penny Saver and circle the ones we want to attend and come Saturday morning the hunt is on. It is so interesting to see what people have accumulated in their lifetime. No matter if they were wealthy or not so wealthy everyone collects items that mean something to them. Items that hold great meaning something that someone else might find not so great. But every now and then you come across an estate sale that stops and makes you think.

Hoover School

My wife and I attended an Estate Sale a few months ago near Hoover school in Whittier and that is when we found out Mrs. Knight and husband had passed away. Mrs. Knight was a teacher at Hoover school and left a huge impact on the kids that had her as a teacher and the community. My wife was walking through the house remembering her memorable field trip to that very home. The dolls were there and the house was still intact. I came across her recipe file. Many of the recipes were hand written. Some were cut from the newspaper or magazines. Hand written notes were left as well. It was something that had so much thought and love put in to it. I bought it for 50 cents but it means so much more to me to have these recipes.

Her Recipe Box
 I didn't know Mrs. Knight but my wife and so many others did. I posted the original picture of her recipe box on Facebook and to my amazement over 1,000 people viewed that post. So many people wrote so many kind things about her. She really did have an impact on young Whittier at the time. Many of them talked about the yearly field trip to her home. All of the kids would be so excited to attend the field trip and see her famous doll collection. She had hand made crafts and blankets as well.
 Hand made craft

 She embodied the true Whittier spirit. When you attend enough estate sales you realize that it isn't what you have accumulated in your lifetime it is how you will be remembered. What impact did you have on someones life? Did you make a difference? Mrs. Knight truly did make a difference and had an impact on many kids that grew up in Whittier at the time. When I walk the streets of Whittier and talk about the things I see it is experiences like these that make me view things in a different light. A positive, optimistic light. My wife loves to craft and create cool things. I like to think she got a little of that from her childhood at Hoover with Mrs. Knight.
With Thanksgiving and Christmas upon us I thought it would be nice to share one of Mrs. Knights recipes with you. Maybe you might want to make this for this years holiday dinner and honor her one more time.
Strawberry Dream Cake
You can contact me at

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Own a piece of Whittier cool 80's past!

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By now you understand how much I love Whittier and the nostalgia that Whittier has to offer. Remembering all of the great places that once stood and existed in Whittier makes you long for the "good ol days". Every now and again a place comes along and pops up right under your nose and makes you do a double take. In the land of what seems to be a hair cut spot on every corner it is so hard to be original. One hair spot looks like the next and the next one looks like the next one. Not for Tip Top Barber Shop though. I knew the minute I saw the logo they were on to something special. Standing out like a fresh throw back jersey from yest er year Tip Top does it right.

Tip Top Barber Shop
13127 Whittier Blvd


Andre "Dre" Perales opened Tip Top Barber Shop about 8 months ago and has carved out his own special niche. Andre Perales is also a Tattoo Artist who has been working his art form for 10 years Andre grew up in the area and decided he wanted to open up a Barber Shop in Whittier the city he grew up in. He said many people were sceptical at first saying "Why Whittier?" but he says "Why not Whittier? I grew up here, I live close by and it is a great city." I agree. So not only did he have a vision for his shop he took the time to walk the streets of Whittier and find something that would tie his new vision of today with respect for Whittier's past. He was walking with his girl Uptown one day and she suggested that they visit the Whittier Museum. As he was taking the tour he noticed an area in the museum that displayed Whittier's first barber shops Tip Top Barber Shop. This was Whittier's first Barber Shop over 100 years ago, Genius!

Owner Andre "Dre" Perales

Tip Top Barber Shop back in the day

From there things started to fall right in place! he was legally able to obtain the name and move forward from there. Naturally I had to not only admire what they were doing from a far but I had to go in and test the product. I went in on a Saturday afternoon and even though the place was busy I was able to get seated right away. Also if you get off of work a little late these guys are open until 8pm on Wednesday & Fridays. That is huge I have got burned so many times because most decent places close at 6 or 7.

Great looking shop with a great vibe

The place has an awesome decor with and "Old School" feel with the swag of today. We can talk logo's and look all day long but what hooked me the most was the way they were conducting business. As a consumer I am all about customer service and these guys are on top of it. Robert the Barber that was cutting my hair was great. Professional and cool to talk to. Dre was there giving me the low down on the shop and it was just a great vibe. With all of the stress of the work week on your shoulders it is nice to hit the Barber Shop and just relax and chop it up with the fellas for a nice hair cut.

Barber & Vampire Robert

At the end of the day I was super stoked with my hair cut. I also couldn't help but notice all of the customers that continued to come in one after another. Happy guys looking for a nice cut for the weekend. This was their spot and they were all greeted by name to! It was a great experience.

Total guys place they do not specialize in kids cuts.

Take it from me if you need a hair cut and you want great service I recommend Tip Top Barber Shop. Go by and see what they have to offer you will appreciate the great service and special attention these guys take to their cuts. This place is MY WHITTIER APPROVED.

Please go out and support local Whittier business it is good for the soul!

Tip Top Barber Shop features all the traditional charms of the American Gentleman's barber shop. We specialize in men's signature hot lather straight razor shaves, contour cuts, high n' tights, and more.... all in a vintage parlor setting.

Tip Top Barber Shop also offers specialty packages. Whether it is a private event for a Bachelor's party, Birthday celebrations, or just a reason to get the guys together, we have something for you.


Business Hours:


Mon-Tues-Sat. 10am - 6pm
Wed-Fri. 10am - 8pm
Sunday 9am - 3pm



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Vintage Pic Wednesday

Boy Club Opening 1979
Whittier Historical Library

Thursday, October 18, 2012

MAP Property Management in Whittier

When I started the My Whittier blog I wanted to make sure I was giving people an honest and comprehensive look at the city of Whittier. I wanted to cover everything from food and entertainment to business and current events. Being that I was raised in Whittier and enjoy living in the city so much it always pleases me when I come across a company that does Whittier proud.

Map Property Management

7036 Bright Ave Suite B

MAP Property Management is a company that has been doing business in the city of Whittier for 30 years. Jerry Morgan founded this company in 1976 and it continues to be a family owned and operated business. MAP offers more than lip service they provide a personal touch that most company's now a days just don't do. Map Properties can help you find a great place to live in Whittier. They have expertise in all areas of property management whether it is Leasing Services, Resident Relations or Inspections. Map can do this and so much more. I have had personal dealings with MAP and I absolutely love the service they provide. President Laurie Perschbacher has helped her family run and operate the family business for 23 years. Over the last 23 years Laurie has made it her job to maintain the winning formula for the family owned business. Honesty, Integrity and exceptional Customer Service is her priority.

President Laurie Perschbacher
23 years experience, Family owned and operated for 30 yrs

So if you are looking to move back to the beautiful City of Whittier all you have to do is give them a call at 5862.945.3404 or check out the website to search for rental properties. the staff here will be more than happy to assist. If you are in the Uptown Whittier area stop by and visit the newly renovated leasing office.

Bungalow in Uptown! Call today.

MAP Properties manages 100's of properties in some parts of Orange County and Los Angeles so if you are looking for help in those areas please make sure you give them a call.  
MAP is currently members of the Apartment Owners Association of San Gabriel/Inland Empire, Apartment Association of Orange County, Better Business Bureau, Whittier Chamber of Commerce and California Chamber of Commerce.

Congratulations to Owner Jerry Morgan as the newly installed

Board of Director for the

Uptown Whittier Association

Map Property Management is My Whittier Approved give them a call today! Thank you for supporting local Whittier business it is appreciated by all. Tell them My Whittier sent ya!

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm
Saturday by Appointment Only

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I have been driving the streets of Whittier pretty much my whole life. I have seen restaurant's come and I have seen them go. I have tried just about every cheeseburger, slice of pizza and taco in town with the exception of one. I have been driving past the Puffy Taco for years and I have never stopped. I have wanted to stop so many times but never did. I would always ask around and get other peoples feedback on it and it was always a positive response. So I had to make it a point to head over there this weekend. I made my way over on Saturday afternoon to see what was going on over at the PUFFY TACO. It didn't take me very long at all I live near Whittier High School and the Puffy Taco is over on Leffingwell. As I pulled in the parking lot was full and things seemed to be buzzing, I was pretty excited. I pulled in and low and behold A FRONT ROW PARKING SPOT right in front of the order window. Destiny?

15693 Leffingwell Rd
Whittier 562.947.2250

As I get out of my car I see all of the people making their way to the order window and I have to say they looked really happy! Which in turn got me even more geeked up to order some puffy tacos. I go up to the window and the owner is there to greet me with a smile. Now I have never met the man in my life but instantly I felt like I knew him my whole life. He says "looks like you are ready for the season" for a minute I hesitated and then realized I had my Laker shirt on. I said "oh my shirt?" he says with a smile "no your license plate".

Five Championships For KOBE!
If you see this it's me
My Whittier

Needless to say we are off and running on the right foot and I order two tacos "Puffy" of course. I make my way over to the side and take in the sights and sounds and as I'm doing that more and more people are making their way to the order window. I decide to walk inside to the little dining area and right there in the corner is a framed James Worthy Jersey hanging on the wall. WOW! and not only that but there was a signed picture of Big Game James Worthy with the owners of Puffy Taco. I also couldn't help but notice some other autographed memorabilia hanging there as well it was awesome! I knew I was in the right place, I was "home" lol.

Mini Laker shrine it was really cool!

Real nice eating area if you want to get out
of the heat

Inside people were sitting down loving the food I started up a conversation with one gentleman who lived in the area. I asked him how he liked the food he said he really enjoyed it. He said he moved to Pomona for a five years and recently moved back. When they finally moved back he asked his wife what she wanted to eat and they decided on In & Out Burger. He remembered Puffy Taco and threw it out there as a last minute choice and his wife's eyes lit up and she shook her head yes. He said he had been coming for years and always enjoyed it.

Two Puffy tacos with flour tortillas so good!

Soon my number was called and my tacos arrived and I was not disappointed. I have never had a deep fried flour tortilla shell and I was pleasantly surprised. Over at the counter they have salsa and fresh salsa to take your tacos to the next level if needed.

Salsa is on the counter on the left
I had such a good time eating these tacos and taking in the ambiance of the place I cannot wait to get back. When I go back I'm going BIG I plan on two tacos and hitting the burrito portion of the menu. Real good stuff. I can't believe I have never been here before but now that I have tasted the Puffy Taco I will be back often. I have some serious making up to do!

This place is without a doubt "MY WHITTIER APPROVED" so please go check this place out if you haven't tried it yet. Make sure you get out and support local Whittier business it's good for you!

Email me at