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It has been said that we all have a twin somewhere in the world. somewhere in another state or country there is someone that looks just like you, strange! Well apparently this also applies to awesome little cities like Whittier. Ladies and gentlemen I give you


"North to the Future"

Welcome to Whittier, Alaska
The Whittier Glacier near Whittier was actually was named for our very own poet John Greenleaf Whittier in 1915. As of 2006, there were 177 people, 86 households, and 46 families residing in the city of Whittier. The racial make up of the city was 79.12% White, 7.14% Asian, 5.49 Native American, and 8.24% from two or more races. Two people were Hispanic or Latino!! My God this place is PRIMED and ready for a CHEMA'S TACOS!

Apparently John was a big deal back in the day, HELLO!

Whittier Alaska has a small museum with some very nice Alaskan military collection. Check out the

Both cities have a haunting similarity. Back in 1964 Whittier Alaska suffered a huge earthquake that triggered a tsunamis killing 14. We all know about the Whittier earthquake in 1987, no bueno!!

Whittier, Alaska Earthquake March 27, 1964
Whittier, California Earthquake 1987
Whittier is a popular port of call for cruise ships, as it has connections to Anchorage and the interior of Alaska by both highway and train. It is the embarkation / debarkation point of the Denali Express nonstop rail service to and from Denali National Park operated by Princess Tours. Whittier is also popular with tourist, sport, fisherman and hunters.

Can you imagine

Just pull in to port and explore

Hey you never know you just might find yourself in Whittier, Alaska one day? If you do you you might want to check out the Inn At Whittier: First class hotel lodging located minutes from ...
This place looks awesome. It looks like Whittier would be a great place to visit one day. So I guess it is true we all have a twin out there. Even though the Whittier's aren't identical it is sort of cool knowing there is another Whittier out there.

You out there Whittier Alaska peeps let's here from you!

Inn at Whittier

A wide variety of tours & activities are available in Whittier:
Summer Activities

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