Thursday, July 19, 2012


We have all done it played the game "who has the best" we search high and low for the best tasting food around. I started my quest long ago for the best cheeseburger in Whittier I have tasted many cheeseburgers let me tell you. I have hit the local joints, the sit down chains, the coffee shops I have read your reviews on YELP and I can assure you I have done my homework. This was a difficult task not only because there are so many places to choose from but how would I make it fair knowing I had to include chain restaurants as well as our local establishments. I decided to go with the bracket system so for your enjoyment I give you  BURGER BRACKETOLOGY!

I did not include these guys: Mc Donalds I know, I know they have the best fries, Jack in the Box, Burger King, In & Out (not in Whittier Anyway), Weinersnitzle they have a decent burger, Del Taco.

Here we go! I would love your feedback let me know if I left out your favorite burger joint I will stop by and give it the old taste test.

* Rating was based on Taste, Affordability and how much I like to hang out at the establishment.



Black Angus
Norm's Restaurant   Chili's
  Polly's Pies
Polly's Pies       WINNER!
  Marie Calender's
Red Robin
  Red Robin
Denny's   Marie Calender's
Ruby's Diner
  Marie Calender's
Marie Calender's

Trust me this is a serious tasting cheeseburger!
Marie Callender's
12402 E Washington Ave
Whittier          90602
Call your order in and take it home 562.693.2724

Great bar area, great T.V's, great beer, Fantastic Cheeseburgers!
 Honestly this was no contest for me I really love some of the burger's in this bracket but
Marie Calender's takes the cake or pie I should say. You cannot beat the price and the taste of Marie Calender's Cheeseburgers and if you haven't had the Cheeseburger Special yet please go now! You can sit in the bar it is a warm inviting atmosphere with T.V's everywhere. If you are a sports fan this is a great place to watch a game and have a beer and great cheeseburger. When you are done grab your slice of pie to go and have it later it is a NO BRAINER people!

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