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When the Italian BMT at Subway isn't cutting the mustard take a little drive over to Lascari's Deli a definite Whittier staple! This place has done really well it reminds me of a place called La Prima and let me tell you La Prima was so damn good back in the day! Big shoes to fill (Shout out to La Prima love you!) Lascari's has kept things authentic and really good. The sandwiches are always made to order and they have a full menu of Italian favorites. The staff is great the place is clean and the food is real good and fresh. I love the market- deli feel it provides.

14104 Lambert Road
Whittier         CA
I really enjoy this place and if you like big sandwiches you can order the large size if wifey doesn't want to go big get the half. They have a fantastic Veggie sando and I love the Italian Sando. The meat balls and sausage are fantastic too! The sandwiches come with a side of pasta slad and it is very good. I usually grab some from the deli to take home.
Veggie with a side of pasta salad, yum! 1/2 order
The bread they use is so good!

Half Sausage Sando! 1/2 of a large

Lascari's keeps it authentic they have a full Deli section of meat to choose from and if you like the real high end Italian Sandwich meat this is a great place to grab it. They also have a variety of spices and canned goods to help you make the best sauce. The peppers and olives are to die for let me tell you.
(grab the olives in the deli area)

Keep walking to the right and you can grab some olives at the deli

Grab some Capocollo and some smoked turkey and cheese!
Fo Get About it what a sandwich.

The pizza is good here and I really like the atmosphere it is clean and roomy inside and it has some really cool paintings on the wall. This is a great place to order your pizza from because you can also get a variety of different dishes if you aren't feeling like "just pizza." They deliver! Drinks are self serve and they even have authentic italian bottled soda.

MMmmmmmm Gelatto!
I loved La Prima Deli but you have to give credit where credit is due and Lascari's has been doing Whittier right for quite some time. Every time I go I see young and old walking through the doors looking very happy to get their Italian food fix. The staff here is good and helpful. It has a local joint feel to me and I like that.

So the next time you are looking for some quick baked pasta or a large Meatball sando stop by Lascari's and you will be happy that you did. Remember they deliver and they cater for parties. This place is "MyWhittier Approved"!
Now go out and support local Whittier biz I know you are hungry.

Open and ready to serve

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Eat Donuts and Win Cash

Everyone loves a good donut. It seems there is a donut shop on every street and I can't vouch for all of them. In fact there are a ton that don't cut the mustard but there is one place that I will vouch for and that is US Donuts on Hadley & Whittier Blvd. Tucked away at the Ralph's shopping center this little donut shop is knocking out great fresh donuts and Scratch of lotto winners by the dozen!

US Donuts on Hadley & Whittier Blvd
The donuts here are REALLY, REALLY good and if you have time make sure you buy a lotto ticket I am telling you this place turns out more winners than I have seen anywhere else! They tape up all of the winning tickets and I swear the dollar amount won is staggering.

The service here is really great to.

This is a great place to grab a breakfast sandwich and a newspaper when you are having your car washed over at the car wash located in the same shopping center. The breakfast sandwiches are fresh, hot and really good. The donuts are a real good size they even have ice cream!

Everyone loves a donut!

So when you are in the mood for a nice fresh donut and you are feeling lucky stop by US Donut and enjoy the best of both worlds. They even sell quick pick lotto tickets as well. This place is definitely

Now go out and support local Whittier business.

My Whittier Approved!!

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Andy's Super Burger's

This place is still standing but no longer in business. Accross the street from York Field this place used to turn our charbroiled burgers and pastrami's. I remember as a kid getting a vanilla shake from here. I miss Andy's Super Burgers!!

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I really love Mexican food and Whittier has a hand full of Mexican restaurants worth trying. In Whittier it isn't hard to find a decent taco or burrito when you need that Mexican food fix. I have tried most of our Mexican food restaurants but over the past year Casa Jimenez has really stepped up their game in my opinion. The Whittier location was opened in 2007 and I have been going over the years. In the past I thought "Yeah this place is decent" and that was the end of that but like I said over the past year it is like a different restaurant.

Casa Jimenez
11250 Whittier Blvd
Whittier         CA
They have a great menu and offer every Mexican dish under the sun. When you walk in you are welcomed by a friendly and warm staff. You seat yourself in this very nice and roomy restaurant.

Nice big eating area with plenty of seating.
They can also accommodate large groups

When you are seated you are quickly met with a basket of warm tortilla chips and fresh salsa. I am a stickler when it comes to salsa but this one can hold it's own. It is really fresh and has a kick so if you aren't into spicy salsa be careful with that first bite.

Very clean and really cool original art work inside
Like I said the menu has all of the usual hits enchilada plate, Carne Asada, Tamales, Tacos hard and soft. The list goes on and on. If you are planning for an early morning breakfast you are in luck as well as a very good Mexican food breakfast menu they also provide American style breakfast. Pancakes, waffles, sausage and eggs and more.

Real nice Albondigas soup (Meatball soup)

Chile Colorado with Beef Enchilada, rice & beans
The last few times I have been I order the All You Can Eat meal for $9.95 what a deal! This meal comes with soup (Albondigas) or salad and all you can eat selected menu items. These items are served with rice and beans. You order two or three items off of the All You Can Eat menu and start with that.

Round one All You Can Eat Taquitos, Cheese enchilada,
rice & beans.
The enchilada's have a darker sauce on them and I prefer a lighter sauce but everything else is solid. I love the Chile Colorado it is real good. The Carnitas have always been great and I really enjoyed the Chile Verde too. Now I tried all of these items on one sitting with the All You Can Eat. I'm telling you it is a great deal. I didn't even get to the countless burritos they offer, Juevos Rancheros and more.

Chile Verde with Carnitas soft taco. Round three
All You Can Eat

Nice place to enjoy a beer as well
The food is good but the service is even better. The staff here is on top of every drink refill and the food is served quick and hot. They also have beer if you would like to enjoy a nice cold adult beverage with your lunch or dinner. They offer free soft drinks or coffee to anyone acting as the designated driver in your party. Really nice touch and they advertise that right on the table. I was happy to pay my bill and give the cook a thumbs up on the way out.

If your taste buds are calling for some Mexican food and you don't know where to go give Casa Jimenez a try. It is really good and I enjoy it and so will you. Like I said before the prices are reasonable and the staff really makes the difference. I look forward to seeing all of the Whittier peeps here in the near future. I don't have any affiliation with this restaurant I am just a satisfied customer who loves Whittier and what it has to offer.

Tell them My Whittier sent you.
Now go out and support local Whittier business.

This restaurant is


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Pizza is such a serious topic so I thought I would tackle this by giving you My Top 10 Whittier Pizza Joints. Pizza is so personal to so many people. You have those who like thin crust, thick crust, light toppings, extra toppings, light cheese, heavy cheese. You have those who want affordable pizza, quick pizza, pizza you can sit down and eat with a beer. You have people who have an emotional connection to a certain place because it was what they grew up on. So it's obvious after much discussion that my favorite Whittier pizza won't be your favorite Whittier pizza. So this is in "My Opinion" Whittier's Top 10 Pizza joints. I know you have have YELP to fall back on but this is a quick and easy breakdown of all of the pizza in Whittier from a long time Whittier resident. Now these are not listed in any particular order so you decide who the best is.

Quick note! We are talking about Whittier Pizza here I understand there are some really great pizza joints out there. Trust me I have hit those places to but right now we are hitting home with this top 10. Please support your local Whittier business owners people get out and eat.

* Pizza Ordering Tip: Typically if you order pizza on a busy day Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights chances are you won't be getting the best pie. You will also have to wait a bit longer. This rule applies when ordering a pizza for the big game as well. Tuesday's are great pizza days.


Stuft pizza was founded in 1976 by a man named Jack Bertram he started a small take out pizza joint in Cerritos, CA. Not long after that the Whittier location was founded and the rest is history. Regardless of what you think about Stuft Pizza you have to respect it. It has been around a long time and has stood the test of time. This is actually my personal favorite pizza. The knock most people have is "The crust is to bready" well did you know you can ask for it well done? That will give you that added crunch you are looking for. Also try it thin crust the staff here will always do their best to make you happy. Stuft is tried and true the real deal.

The knock on this joint: Delivery is slow

Best thing about Stuft: The Large Pepperoni, Chorizo & Jalapeno Pizza, wow

Stuft Pizza
11104 Whittier Blvd
Whittier          CA

So how many hard core Whittier peeps am I dealing with here? Do you remember La Prima? Well unfortunately La Prima is gone but Lascari's stepped in and has served the Whittier community well. Everything on the menu is solid and the pizza is real good. We will revisit this place when we grade our Whittier sandwiches. Until then grab a pizza pie from Lascari's Deli.

The knock on this joint: Price and service at times.

The Best Thing About Lascari's Deli Pizza: The great authentic ingredients yum!

Lascari's Italian Deli & Restaurant
16255 Whittier Blvd
You might disagree but Shakey's was never in jeopardy of being left off this top 10. To many years of service, to many memories, to many bunch a lunches. With all of that being said it is a really good pizza. It has a great taste, it has a great crust and it is a great way to change things up when you are tired of all of the other pizza. Order Mojos with that next pizza you will be so happy you did. Hurry bunch a lunch ends at 1pm.

The knock on this joint: It can get a little crazy inside here be very aware, KID ZONE!

The Best Thing About Shakey's: I really dig the thin crust and the sauce is really original

Shakey's Pizza
11530 Washington Blvd
Whittier            CA

Uptown Pizza Company had some big shoes to fill considering this location used to house Lampost Pizza. With all of that being considered this place really brings it. It has been said that this pizza has "to much grease" LIKE THAT IS A BAD THING! Hello if you want health food hit Trader Joe's. I have had pizza here plenty of times and it is a really good pizza and you should definitely give it a shot.

Funky Hours:

Monday: 4pm - 9pm
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 4pm - 9pm
Thursday: 11pm - 10pm
Friday: 11pm - 10pm
Saturday: 12noon - 10Pm
Sunday 12noon - 8pm

The knock on this joint: The hours of operation are a little tough to get used to.

The Best Thing About Uptown Pizza Co.: The Sauce!

Uptown Pizza Co.
7623 Greenleaf Ave
Whittier          CA

AH Barro's well like I have said before Barro's is a Whittier original dating back all the way to the 80's. It was gone for awhile and then returned at this current location. It is a real good pizza just ask the owner he will tell you. It is a taste of Whittier's past and if you are up for a drive it is worth checking out.

The knock on this place: Price & No Delivery

Best thing about Barro's: The Sausage & It is a Whittier Original

Barros's Pizza
16130 Leffingwell Rd
Whittier         CA

Talk about a Whittier Original this place made the top 10 as a sentimental favorite. I know people who keep coming back here for more just because it is so close to their heart. It was around in the 80's and they are still doing their thing.

The knock on this place: It doesn't blow you away, light on sauce.

Best thing about Marco Polo Pizza: Affordable & They have a good delivery service!

Marco Polo Pizza
12911 Philadelphia St
Whittier CA
YO Tony! Well let's keep up with the "original pizza theme" and when it comes to Originality Tony's might take the cake. Tony's dates all the way back to the Whittwood Mall, yes the Whittwood Mall. I remember walking in the old mall in the 80's and hitting Tony's for a slice. Tony's always has a variety of pizza's ready to go. All of the pizza's are displayed in the window for you to choose. If you don't have the time to hang around order ahead but don't bash the guy all good things take time.

 The knock on this place: It  can take awhile to get your order, slow.

The best thing about Tony's: The Sicilian Pizza, variety

Tony's Pizza
15716 Whittwood Ln

CIAO ITALIA RISTORANTE thin crust Pizza. This is a great pizza. Located on Philadelphia St in Uptown Whittier. It is a must try if you are looking for that true Italian thin crust pizza. This is the best thin crust pizza in town without a doubt!

The Best Thing About CIAO: Nothing but the best ingredients. The flavor on this pizza will blow you away!

Ciao Italia Ristorante
13112 Philadelphia st

If there was a "FAN FAVORITE" category Pizzamania might walk away with that prize. Whittier peeps from this side of town have a fondness for this pizza joint and with for good reason. Pizzamania has a good pie every now and again it will miss the mark but no one is perfect. If you want to change things up give Pizzamania a try it's good pizza. Pizzamania is hanging on by a thread. Check back in a few weeks and see if they remain in the top 10. 

The knock on this place: It has become pricey and the service is just okay.

The Best Thing About Pizzamania: The crust is pretty good
13547 Telegraph Rd
Whittier          CA
Brickhouse is pretty new to the game but respectable. This pizza didn't blow me away but it is good. they offer good lunch specials and have a good variety on the menu. It can get a little pricey if you go big but over all not a bad pie and the location isn't to bad either. They charge extra for extra ranch but hey they gotta pay bills right? If it were me I wouldn't charge extra a happy customer is one that will spend more in the long run.

The knock on this place: Customer service is lacking at times.

The Best Thing About Brickhouse: The everything pizza

Brickhouse Pizza
7028 Bright Ave
Whittier           CA

The "IS WHAT IT IS LIST" A.K.A The Others

* The Jury is still out on Franco Trattoria stay tuned.

  • Papa John- fugaise
  • Little Caesar's - It's actually not bad if you want it fast
  • Domino's- Great when you are wasted
  • Pizza Hut- Just Okay the crust can be a bit much
  • Pizza Loca -Hhhmmm yeah, no.
  • Pronto Pizza - New kid on the block same as the old kid on the block.
  • Piarra Pizza - Nah
  • Pizza 8- NOPE
  • That's Amore - No Love for That's Amore
  • 3 Alarm- Knocking on the door! Pizzamania could lose it's spot
  • Doppio Bacio - Sorry but no
  • Datillo's could be on here but not this time known for pasta dishes
  • De Luca's - Close to getting in but just missed the cut.
  • Pamore- PASS
Whittier Pizza is lacking the WOW Factor who is going to be the next person to create an amazing pizza with the great ambiance!? You out there?