Thursday, August 30, 2012


When the Italian BMT at Subway isn't cutting the mustard take a little drive over to Lascari's Deli a definite Whittier staple! This place has done really well it reminds me of a place called La Prima and let me tell you La Prima was so damn good back in the day! Big shoes to fill (Shout out to La Prima love you!) Lascari's has kept things authentic and really good. The sandwiches are always made to order and they have a full menu of Italian favorites. The staff is great the place is clean and the food is real good and fresh. I love the market- deli feel it provides.

14104 Lambert Road
Whittier         CA
I really enjoy this place and if you like big sandwiches you can order the large size if wifey doesn't want to go big get the half. They have a fantastic Veggie sando and I love the Italian Sando. The meat balls and sausage are fantastic too! The sandwiches come with a side of pasta slad and it is very good. I usually grab some from the deli to take home.
Veggie with a side of pasta salad, yum! 1/2 order
The bread they use is so good!

Half Sausage Sando! 1/2 of a large

Lascari's keeps it authentic they have a full Deli section of meat to choose from and if you like the real high end Italian Sandwich meat this is a great place to grab it. They also have a variety of spices and canned goods to help you make the best sauce. The peppers and olives are to die for let me tell you.
(grab the olives in the deli area)

Keep walking to the right and you can grab some olives at the deli

Grab some Capocollo and some smoked turkey and cheese!
Fo Get About it what a sandwich.

The pizza is good here and I really like the atmosphere it is clean and roomy inside and it has some really cool paintings on the wall. This is a great place to order your pizza from because you can also get a variety of different dishes if you aren't feeling like "just pizza." They deliver! Drinks are self serve and they even have authentic italian bottled soda.

MMmmmmmm Gelatto!
I loved La Prima Deli but you have to give credit where credit is due and Lascari's has been doing Whittier right for quite some time. Every time I go I see young and old walking through the doors looking very happy to get their Italian food fix. The staff here is good and helpful. It has a local joint feel to me and I like that.

So the next time you are looking for some quick baked pasta or a large Meatball sando stop by Lascari's and you will be happy that you did. Remember they deliver and they cater for parties. This place is "MyWhittier Approved"!
Now go out and support local Whittier biz I know you are hungry.

Open and ready to serve

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