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Vintage Pic Wednesday

Me N Ed's popular Monte Vista High School Hang Out
Currently 3 Alarm Pizza

This pick was sent in from "A #1 Whittier Fan"

His Top 5 Pizza Places From Whittier's Past

1. Ambrose Pizzeria - Uptown Whittiwr eatery on Greenleaf. Home of the $1.50 slice

2. Me N Ed's - Hang out of Monte Vista High School students in the 70's

3. Franks' Lampost - We miss Jolly Ole Frank answering the phone "Lamp Post Pizza" may I take your order please?

4. Barro's - Uptown Pizza joint in the 80's with sauce to die for.

5. Vito's - Was located on Philadelphia. Best Lasagna in town!

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I have rated the "BEST" burgers in Whittier and  I have rated my favorite "Pizza Joints" in Whittier as well. Trust me I try not to throw the word "BEST" out there to much because you really have to earn that title in my book. When I talk about the best I'm talking about years and years of consistency with a track record of great service. You have to bring a great product to the table everyday not every other day. Keeping things clean and friendly on the daily no matter how busy it gets. So when I was thinking about this entry I thought to myself "I want to do an entry talking about the best Menudo in Whittier." Now let me just say that my Mom's Menudo is sacred, it's the best Menudo I have ever had and in my mind it won't ever be touched. It's the Michael Jordan of Menudo a cut above! (Love you mom) BUT mom isn't open seven days a week and she is definitely not making Menudo everyday! When it comes to the best Menudo in Whittier there was no contest. There was no reason to do a bracket breakdown, no need to compare, no need to waste any more time looking here or there. When all things were factored in and the Menudo hits the table SUPER BURRITO wins every time hands down without question.

Super Burrito
Located on Whittier Blvd 11237

I have been going to Super Burrito for as long as I can remember and it has always provided great & friendly customer service. It has always produced the best tasting food and it is the only one that can boast

If you go to Super Burrito chances are you will see
 Genie and or son Michael Romero
Owners who do an AMAZING job!

No matter how busy this place is the
customer service is some of the best in Whittier!
  The Menudo is fresh, the meat is cooked perfect not chewy like you get with other places. The soup is really good and packs so much flavor. When it is served they bring you a really good size bowl with your choice of flour or corn tortillas. Once the bowl hits the table the waitress brings over all of the fixings on a tray. Chopped onions, lemon, cilantro, chili flakes, oregano everything you need to personalize and create the perfect bowl of Menudo
The Best in town trust me I have had them all
Small Bowl $5.25 Large Bowl $6.25
This bowl has all of the fixings and is ready to go!
I had mine with flour tortillas
 Established in 1980 Mr & Mrs Chayra started the ball rolling with this great little restaurant. I can remember eating here in the late 80's everyone that went to Whittier High School knew Super Burrito and they still do. That was over 20 years ago and I still find myself going back for more. It is a very unique place you can get a cheeseburger and fries and a side of taquitos of you want! They have a great menu with something for everyone.
I always get a "side" with my Menudo and this time it was a
 Bean & Cheese burrito so good!
Est. 1980 a true family restaurant
If you haven't tried Super Burrito do yourself a favor and go in and pay them a visit. If you need another selling point here is one I will always remember. As my wife and I were getting ready to go I look over and I see Genie the Owner sitting at the counter taking her break after a busy Saturday morning rush. She was talking with a customer having a famous bowl of her own Menudo! As a customer when you see an owner sit down with her customers and enjoy her own product you know you are at the right place! Special thanks to the Chayra family for starting this restaurant in Whittier we are so lucky to have it. Thanks to Michael and Genie for the great hospitality Go Niners!
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Greanleaf Auto Center
Cool Vintage Sign!

Monday, September 10, 2012


When it comes to doing cool stuff in Whittier I am always the first in line. Normally that entails a great pastrami sandwich or a nicely made dirty martini with three olives. This weekend was different though my wife and I decided to go to the Whittier Community Theatre and take in a play. Fiddler on the Roof one of Broadways most beloved plays and winner of nine Tony Awards. This production rolled right in to Whittier’s back yard for a three week run. Now this review is coming from someone who doesn’t frequent “The Theatre” very often. I don’t act, I don’t sing but I have seen a few plays in my time and I enjoyed most of them. When I walk in to any theatre I hope to be entertained and I hope the production is up to snuff and I let my eyes and ears take it from there.
photo from

The acting group has been together
since 1922
Come out and enjoy a play!
Classic, cozy, historic Whittier Theatre
50 years old built in 1922
So what did my eyes and ears tell me? Well, I live about 5 minutes from the Whittier Community Center so that was great. My wife and I found parking right away and took a nice little walk up to the front entrance. To our surprise there was a long line of people waiting for tickets and everyone seemed excited to be there. The line moved quickly and soon we had our tickets in hand and made our way in to the Theatre. I had never actually been inside the theatre before so I was pleasantly surprised to see another cool piece of Whittier’s past. It is a small theatre, cozy and the seats are old but surprisingly comfortable. The crowd filed in and I could not help but notice that the crowd demographic was one of a much older set I’m 43. I was a little bummed by that but not because of the age factor but because I had never been to see a play here in all of my years living in Whittier. I should have been going to see plays here and my friends and family should have been doing the same. I had no idea all of this was going on right under my nose, duh!

Soon the lights dimmed and the play started.

Tevye the Milkman
played by Richard DeVicariis
did a real nice job!

I was amazed at how quickly I was transported to Anatevka. The story of Tevye and his family is wonderfully told by the charming group of actors. Highlights include the sweet tender moment between Tevye and Golde  during  “Do You Love Me” and the heart felt “Far From The Home I Love”  sung by the talented Mackenzie Rae Campbell this girl can sing! It was indeed a nice way to start off my Whittier weekend. As a whole the production was really good and I enjoyed it I was entertained throughout and thought all of the actors did well. As I said I am not an expert on these matters but I found myself laughing and clapping and enjoying the overall experience. (That is what matters right?) At the end of the day that is what I took from my night out at the Whittier Theatre. My wife and I were able to enjoy a classic story being told on stage in my own city and it was a great way to start our weekend. The Theatre is funded by donations and proceeds help the Theatre stay alive. 

It was a good night try and make it out to the
Whittier Community Theatre
Motel the Tailor played by Jay Miramontes
my wifes favorite character of the night. Tzeitel played by
Amy Anderson.

The play started at 8 sharp and ended around 10:30 there was one 15 minute intermission and Starbucks coffee and sweets were sold. Restroom access was easy and you can even take a little walk outside and get some fresh air if needed. The second half of the play was great and seemed to end quick. The actors took a bow and they were available after the performance for a meet and greet session. My wife and I decided the night was still young and we decided to go hit Jack's Salad bowl for a late night meal. We sat and talked about Fiddler on the Roof over some Whittier food. It was a good night. If you haven't been to the Whittier Community Center to enjoy a play please do yourself a favor and check it out.

Whittier Community Theatre's box office opens 30 minutes before each performance.  Friday and Saturday evening performances begin at 8:00 pm.  Sunday matinees begin at 2:30 pm.
For reservations call (562) 696-0600

For more information go to:

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This blog entry is a guest writer that sent me this over the weekend and I thought it was so good I wanted to pass it on to you the readers. I really appreciate the response the blog has been getting and welcome anyone that has an idea or someone who would like to write an entry for this blog. You can contact me at I would love to hear from you.

I thought this was so good I am passing it along to you, enjoy!


This occasional article discusses special “things” about the city of Whittier.  Many of us grew up in this town and have many special memories about it.  There are a few things that are “extra special” and unique about our beloved city.  These are what we refer to as “the Legends of Whittier”.


Back in 1978 the Whittier Union High School District’s board of trustees met and made a landmark decision that would change the landscape of Whittier forever:  the closure of Sierra High School and Monte Vista High School

This decision completely changed the make-up of the district forever.  Sierra High School, located at 9401 Painter Avenue, was only open from 1957 – 1979.  It will always be linked forever with Monte Vista High School, located at 11515 S. Colima Road which was open from 1965-1979.
"Legends of Whittier"
We always knew Sierra as “Frontier High School” as a kid growing up in Whittier.  Passing by the school on Mulberry Drive, it used to house all the district’s functioning buses at the time.  The school’s nickname was known as the “Spartans”.  It was the school closest to St. Paul High School in Santa Fe Springs.  Eventually, Frontier school was where you were forced to go if you didn’t do your homework and make the grades.  It has sort of served as a “backup” to other schools in the district since the closure.  If your school gym was closed for repairs, you would go practice at Sierra.  If your football field was being redone, you would have your games at  Sierra.  Etc, etc.

Actual Game day program 1977

Monte Vista High School, whose school nickname was the “Mustangs”, was located on the south side of Whittier.  It was eventually sold to the Los Angeles County and is the location of the Sherriff’s academy.
For those attending Sierra or Monte Vista then, it must have been a big shock.  Imagine being told your high school was closing and you had to go somewhere else?  No more hanging out at the quad or going to your favorite hangout after the football games.  No more Alma Mater or cheering on your school teams.  Wow, must have been an adjustment.

Over thirty years have passed, and if we look back at this decision, was it the right one to make?  It seems like schools are getting more and more crowded these days.  Should the WUHSD have reconsidered?  Should they have chosen two different schools to close?
Whittier High School still standing!

If there was any silver lining looking at this change, it is to know I was able to meet some really good people at my high school growing up.  People I would not have met had these two schools remained open.  Hard to believe these two facilities served as self-functioning high schools once upon a time.  I am sure there are a lot of great memories that were created there.  May the two schools rest in peace.
Written by
A. No.1 Whittier Fan