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I thought this was so good I am passing it along to you, enjoy!


This occasional article discusses special “things” about the city of Whittier.  Many of us grew up in this town and have many special memories about it.  There are a few things that are “extra special” and unique about our beloved city.  These are what we refer to as “the Legends of Whittier”.


Back in 1978 the Whittier Union High School District’s board of trustees met and made a landmark decision that would change the landscape of Whittier forever:  the closure of Sierra High School and Monte Vista High School

This decision completely changed the make-up of the district forever.  Sierra High School, located at 9401 Painter Avenue, was only open from 1957 – 1979.  It will always be linked forever with Monte Vista High School, located at 11515 S. Colima Road which was open from 1965-1979.
"Legends of Whittier"
We always knew Sierra as “Frontier High School” as a kid growing up in Whittier.  Passing by the school on Mulberry Drive, it used to house all the district’s functioning buses at the time.  The school’s nickname was known as the “Spartans”.  It was the school closest to St. Paul High School in Santa Fe Springs.  Eventually, Frontier school was where you were forced to go if you didn’t do your homework and make the grades.  It has sort of served as a “backup” to other schools in the district since the closure.  If your school gym was closed for repairs, you would go practice at Sierra.  If your football field was being redone, you would have your games at  Sierra.  Etc, etc.

Actual Game day program 1977

Monte Vista High School, whose school nickname was the “Mustangs”, was located on the south side of Whittier.  It was eventually sold to the Los Angeles County and is the location of the Sherriff’s academy.
For those attending Sierra or Monte Vista then, it must have been a big shock.  Imagine being told your high school was closing and you had to go somewhere else?  No more hanging out at the quad or going to your favorite hangout after the football games.  No more Alma Mater or cheering on your school teams.  Wow, must have been an adjustment.

Over thirty years have passed, and if we look back at this decision, was it the right one to make?  It seems like schools are getting more and more crowded these days.  Should the WUHSD have reconsidered?  Should they have chosen two different schools to close?
Whittier High School still standing!

If there was any silver lining looking at this change, it is to know I was able to meet some really good people at my high school growing up.  People I would not have met had these two schools remained open.  Hard to believe these two facilities served as self-functioning high schools once upon a time.  I am sure there are a lot of great memories that were created there.  May the two schools rest in peace.
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