Thursday, September 13, 2012


I have rated the "BEST" burgers in Whittier and  I have rated my favorite "Pizza Joints" in Whittier as well. Trust me I try not to throw the word "BEST" out there to much because you really have to earn that title in my book. When I talk about the best I'm talking about years and years of consistency with a track record of great service. You have to bring a great product to the table everyday not every other day. Keeping things clean and friendly on the daily no matter how busy it gets. So when I was thinking about this entry I thought to myself "I want to do an entry talking about the best Menudo in Whittier." Now let me just say that my Mom's Menudo is sacred, it's the best Menudo I have ever had and in my mind it won't ever be touched. It's the Michael Jordan of Menudo a cut above! (Love you mom) BUT mom isn't open seven days a week and she is definitely not making Menudo everyday! When it comes to the best Menudo in Whittier there was no contest. There was no reason to do a bracket breakdown, no need to compare, no need to waste any more time looking here or there. When all things were factored in and the Menudo hits the table SUPER BURRITO wins every time hands down without question.

Super Burrito
Located on Whittier Blvd 11237

I have been going to Super Burrito for as long as I can remember and it has always provided great & friendly customer service. It has always produced the best tasting food and it is the only one that can boast

If you go to Super Burrito chances are you will see
 Genie and or son Michael Romero
Owners who do an AMAZING job!

No matter how busy this place is the
customer service is some of the best in Whittier!
  The Menudo is fresh, the meat is cooked perfect not chewy like you get with other places. The soup is really good and packs so much flavor. When it is served they bring you a really good size bowl with your choice of flour or corn tortillas. Once the bowl hits the table the waitress brings over all of the fixings on a tray. Chopped onions, lemon, cilantro, chili flakes, oregano everything you need to personalize and create the perfect bowl of Menudo
The Best in town trust me I have had them all
Small Bowl $5.25 Large Bowl $6.25
This bowl has all of the fixings and is ready to go!
I had mine with flour tortillas
 Established in 1980 Mr & Mrs Chayra started the ball rolling with this great little restaurant. I can remember eating here in the late 80's everyone that went to Whittier High School knew Super Burrito and they still do. That was over 20 years ago and I still find myself going back for more. It is a very unique place you can get a cheeseburger and fries and a side of taquitos of you want! They have a great menu with something for everyone.
I always get a "side" with my Menudo and this time it was a
 Bean & Cheese burrito so good!
Est. 1980 a true family restaurant
If you haven't tried Super Burrito do yourself a favor and go in and pay them a visit. If you need another selling point here is one I will always remember. As my wife and I were getting ready to go I look over and I see Genie the Owner sitting at the counter taking her break after a busy Saturday morning rush. She was talking with a customer having a famous bowl of her own Menudo! As a customer when you see an owner sit down with her customers and enjoy her own product you know you are at the right place! Special thanks to the Chayra family for starting this restaurant in Whittier we are so lucky to have it. Thanks to Michael and Genie for the great hospitality Go Niners!
Please go out and support local business in Whittier it's a good thing!
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  1. I seriously love menudo and will definitely go to Super Burrito to try theirs!

    1. Sarah! Hey thank you so much for reading my blog. Make sure you email me your address and I will get that gift card out to you asap! You
      can email me at

      Yup the Menudo here is great!

      Thx for the support.

  2. Thanks for the tip!
    I've been looking for good Mexican place in Whittier and not just good but GOOD!! Thanks again

  3. Menudo is bomb here and cocido try Casa Jimenez to I'm loving them right now.Right across the street go Vicki Go!

  4. Did u all get your gift cards was there last week end and there menudo sucked what happened