Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vintage Pic Wednesday

Me N Ed's popular Monte Vista High School Hang Out
Currently 3 Alarm Pizza

This pick was sent in from "A #1 Whittier Fan"

His Top 5 Pizza Places From Whittier's Past

1. Ambrose Pizzeria - Uptown Whittiwr eatery on Greenleaf. Home of the $1.50 slice

2. Me N Ed's - Hang out of Monte Vista High School students in the 70's

3. Franks' Lampost - We miss Jolly Ole Frank answering the phone "Lamp Post Pizza" may I take your order please?

4. Barro's - Uptown Pizza joint in the 80's with sauce to die for.

5. Vito's - Was located on Philadelphia. Best Lasagna in town!

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  1. whatever happened to Frank? I grew up going there and used to sit in the back while he cooked while he and my dad hung out.

    1. I have no idea but how cool was that to hang out there? That is good stuff they don't make places like this anymore :(

  2. Wow! I laughed when I saw the Me n Ed's sign. Post soccer game pizza parties! Ambrose...pulling up to the THEN little narrow pizza shop with THE best pizza in town.
    Vito's...stopping in after school was always a nice treat, as well.
    Lamppost was Red Devil at one time, right?
    And I have to toss in StrawHat and Stuft which were/is on opposite sides of town.
    Thanks for the memories. I just happened to be looking up Ambrose (now LaMirada) and came across My Whittier. Too cool!! :)