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I have been driving the streets of Whittier pretty much my whole life. I have seen restaurant's come and I have seen them go. I have tried just about every cheeseburger, slice of pizza and taco in town with the exception of one. I have been driving past the Puffy Taco for years and I have never stopped. I have wanted to stop so many times but never did. I would always ask around and get other peoples feedback on it and it was always a positive response. So I had to make it a point to head over there this weekend. I made my way over on Saturday afternoon to see what was going on over at the PUFFY TACO. It didn't take me very long at all I live near Whittier High School and the Puffy Taco is over on Leffingwell. As I pulled in the parking lot was full and things seemed to be buzzing, I was pretty excited. I pulled in and low and behold A FRONT ROW PARKING SPOT right in front of the order window. Destiny?

15693 Leffingwell Rd
Whittier 562.947.2250

As I get out of my car I see all of the people making their way to the order window and I have to say they looked really happy! Which in turn got me even more geeked up to order some puffy tacos. I go up to the window and the owner is there to greet me with a smile. Now I have never met the man in my life but instantly I felt like I knew him my whole life. He says "looks like you are ready for the season" for a minute I hesitated and then realized I had my Laker shirt on. I said "oh my shirt?" he says with a smile "no your license plate".

Five Championships For KOBE!
If you see this it's me
My Whittier

Needless to say we are off and running on the right foot and I order two tacos "Puffy" of course. I make my way over to the side and take in the sights and sounds and as I'm doing that more and more people are making their way to the order window. I decide to walk inside to the little dining area and right there in the corner is a framed James Worthy Jersey hanging on the wall. WOW! and not only that but there was a signed picture of Big Game James Worthy with the owners of Puffy Taco. I also couldn't help but notice some other autographed memorabilia hanging there as well it was awesome! I knew I was in the right place, I was "home" lol.

Mini Laker shrine it was really cool!

Real nice eating area if you want to get out
of the heat

Inside people were sitting down loving the food I started up a conversation with one gentleman who lived in the area. I asked him how he liked the food he said he really enjoyed it. He said he moved to Pomona for a five years and recently moved back. When they finally moved back he asked his wife what she wanted to eat and they decided on In & Out Burger. He remembered Puffy Taco and threw it out there as a last minute choice and his wife's eyes lit up and she shook her head yes. He said he had been coming for years and always enjoyed it.

Two Puffy tacos with flour tortillas so good!

Soon my number was called and my tacos arrived and I was not disappointed. I have never had a deep fried flour tortilla shell and I was pleasantly surprised. Over at the counter they have salsa and fresh salsa to take your tacos to the next level if needed.

Salsa is on the counter on the left
I had such a good time eating these tacos and taking in the ambiance of the place I cannot wait to get back. When I go back I'm going BIG I plan on two tacos and hitting the burrito portion of the menu. Real good stuff. I can't believe I have never been here before but now that I have tasted the Puffy Taco I will be back often. I have some serious making up to do!

This place is without a doubt "MY WHITTIER APPROVED" so please go check this place out if you haven't tried it yet. Make sure you get out and support local Whittier business it's good for you!

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