Monday, October 29, 2012


By now you understand how much I love Whittier and the nostalgia that Whittier has to offer. Remembering all of the great places that once stood and existed in Whittier makes you long for the "good ol days". Every now and again a place comes along and pops up right under your nose and makes you do a double take. In the land of what seems to be a hair cut spot on every corner it is so hard to be original. One hair spot looks like the next and the next one looks like the next one. Not for Tip Top Barber Shop though. I knew the minute I saw the logo they were on to something special. Standing out like a fresh throw back jersey from yest er year Tip Top does it right.

Tip Top Barber Shop
13127 Whittier Blvd


Andre "Dre" Perales opened Tip Top Barber Shop about 8 months ago and has carved out his own special niche. Andre Perales is also a Tattoo Artist who has been working his art form for 10 years Andre grew up in the area and decided he wanted to open up a Barber Shop in Whittier the city he grew up in. He said many people were sceptical at first saying "Why Whittier?" but he says "Why not Whittier? I grew up here, I live close by and it is a great city." I agree. So not only did he have a vision for his shop he took the time to walk the streets of Whittier and find something that would tie his new vision of today with respect for Whittier's past. He was walking with his girl Uptown one day and she suggested that they visit the Whittier Museum. As he was taking the tour he noticed an area in the museum that displayed Whittier's first barber shops Tip Top Barber Shop. This was Whittier's first Barber Shop over 100 years ago, Genius!

Owner Andre "Dre" Perales

Tip Top Barber Shop back in the day

From there things started to fall right in place! he was legally able to obtain the name and move forward from there. Naturally I had to not only admire what they were doing from a far but I had to go in and test the product. I went in on a Saturday afternoon and even though the place was busy I was able to get seated right away. Also if you get off of work a little late these guys are open until 8pm on Wednesday & Fridays. That is huge I have got burned so many times because most decent places close at 6 or 7.

Great looking shop with a great vibe

The place has an awesome decor with and "Old School" feel with the swag of today. We can talk logo's and look all day long but what hooked me the most was the way they were conducting business. As a consumer I am all about customer service and these guys are on top of it. Robert the Barber that was cutting my hair was great. Professional and cool to talk to. Dre was there giving me the low down on the shop and it was just a great vibe. With all of the stress of the work week on your shoulders it is nice to hit the Barber Shop and just relax and chop it up with the fellas for a nice hair cut.

Barber & Vampire Robert

At the end of the day I was super stoked with my hair cut. I also couldn't help but notice all of the customers that continued to come in one after another. Happy guys looking for a nice cut for the weekend. This was their spot and they were all greeted by name to! It was a great experience.

Total guys place they do not specialize in kids cuts.

Take it from me if you need a hair cut and you want great service I recommend Tip Top Barber Shop. Go by and see what they have to offer you will appreciate the great service and special attention these guys take to their cuts. This place is MY WHITTIER APPROVED.

Please go out and support local Whittier business it is good for the soul!

Tip Top Barber Shop features all the traditional charms of the American Gentleman's barber shop. We specialize in men's signature hot lather straight razor shaves, contour cuts, high n' tights, and more.... all in a vintage parlor setting.

Tip Top Barber Shop also offers specialty packages. Whether it is a private event for a Bachelor's party, Birthday celebrations, or just a reason to get the guys together, we have something for you.


Business Hours:


Mon-Tues-Sat. 10am - 6pm
Wed-Fri. 10am - 8pm
Sunday 9am - 3pm




  1. This is a great blog! I LOVE the idea that you are putting the spotlight on Whittier businesses and Whittier people. I am making note of all your posts and recommendations to be sure to patronize these establishments. I will definitely be trying out this barbershop.

    1. Thank you Rudy. I really appreciate the compliment man. Yes I stand by the city and love to show all of the stuff I find interesting. Check out Tip Top. Make sure you open the fridge and enjoy a beer while you wait.Thx again Rudy.

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