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As an "old school" resident of Whittier I often think about how good things were back in the day. I grew up in the 80's and when you walked in to an establishment back then customer service was essential. Back then when you went to your favorite restaurant you knew that the quality and taste would be there every time. You felt comfortable when you walked in just like you feel when you visit an old friend. Whittier has had it's share of Italian restaurants come and go and currently there are more than a few in the Uptown Whittier area. I can tell you with one hundred percent certainty that I have found a game changer for Italian food in the Uptown Whittier area. It was just like running in to an old friend.

Ciao Italian Ristorante! Far from the new kid on the block Ciao Italia first opened it's doors in Whittier on August 29, 2007 as Ciao Panini Grill. Exclusively selling Grilled Paninis and fresh salads at this location. It was a total success and people loved it.

First Location Opened August 29, 2007

The Regina Family is originally from Calabria, Italy but have been residents of Whittier since 1982. Married for 33 years Maurizio and Rosanna are proud parents of son Maurizio 25 and daughter Giuliana 18. Ciao Italia Ristorante is truly the 5th member of the Regina family serving up home style recipes that were handed down to them from their very own mothers. The meals are made with love and you can taste it with every bite. Nice old school portions you will be taking some to go for sure.

The Regina Family Maurizio, Rosanna & Giuliana.

Maurizio & Son Maurizio Jr.

Ciao Italia is best describes as "authentic & fresh". Butter and cream are NEVER used in ANY of Rosanna's dishes. This one was incredible fresh ingredients with great flavor.

Nice Healthy Portions! Loved the spicy sausage on this dish, wow!

Imported Deli Meats, Locally Made Fresh Mozzarella, San Marzano Tomato's

I can speak first hand regarding the pizza and it is fantastic! Made to order with imported deli meats, traditional pizza pasta served on an authentic thin crust which allow for the flavors to really shine through. If you are a thin crust pizza lover you won't find a better one in Whittier. This is also a new member of the MY WHITTIER top 10 Pizza's.

Spicy and Mild Pizza is Fantastic!

The Regina family has truly created something special and original here in Whittier. With the fantastic menu and beautiful restaurant and old school hospitality. When you walk in to this restaurant you are instantly transported to Italy. The restaurant is roomy but cozy and very comfortable. Customers are encouraged to sit and enjoy their meals no rushing here. Maurizo said "this is how we eat in Italy. family and friends take their time and enjoy the meal and have good conversation." I agree! With all of the stress of today's world this is exactly what the doctor ordered. You can really let your hair down here and enjoy because that is how Maurizio and Rosanna make you feel.

Plan your Christmas party here it would be a great location with plenty of room

Beautiful interior transports you right to Italy. There was a lot of thought put in to this restaurant

Owner Maurizio is a class act always willing to welcome you with a smile

You can also end your meal with an Espresso or Cappuccino made with Italy's finest coffee. Desserts include homemade Cannoli & Tiramisu and much more. They had a great selection of Beer and Wine as well. If you haven't had a chance to try Ciao please do yourself a favor and go today! Lunch and dinner available for sit down or take out.

Great Beer & Wine Selection

Ciao Italia Ristorante

13112 Philadelphia St
Business Hours:
Monday - Saturday 11am-9pm
Closed Sunday
Phone orders accepted!

This restaurant is MY WHITTIER approved. Please go out and support local Whittier business it is good for the soul and good for the community. Try it you will be surprised at what you might find!

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