Saturday, November 10, 2012

HOOVER & Mrs. KNIGHT the perfect recipe

One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is to frequent Estate Sales in the area. My wife and I have made it a hobby of ours. We check out the listings of  estate sales in the Penny Saver and circle the ones we want to attend and come Saturday morning the hunt is on. It is so interesting to see what people have accumulated in their lifetime. No matter if they were wealthy or not so wealthy everyone collects items that mean something to them. Items that hold great meaning something that someone else might find not so great. But every now and then you come across an estate sale that stops and makes you think.

Hoover School

My wife and I attended an Estate Sale a few months ago near Hoover school in Whittier and that is when we found out Mrs. Knight and husband had passed away. Mrs. Knight was a teacher at Hoover school and left a huge impact on the kids that had her as a teacher and the community. My wife was walking through the house remembering her memorable field trip to that very home. The dolls were there and the house was still intact. I came across her recipe file. Many of the recipes were hand written. Some were cut from the newspaper or magazines. Hand written notes were left as well. It was something that had so much thought and love put in to it. I bought it for 50 cents but it means so much more to me to have these recipes.

Her Recipe Box
 I didn't know Mrs. Knight but my wife and so many others did. I posted the original picture of her recipe box on Facebook and to my amazement over 1,000 people viewed that post. So many people wrote so many kind things about her. She really did have an impact on young Whittier at the time. Many of them talked about the yearly field trip to her home. All of the kids would be so excited to attend the field trip and see her famous doll collection. She had hand made crafts and blankets as well.
 Hand made craft

 She embodied the true Whittier spirit. When you attend enough estate sales you realize that it isn't what you have accumulated in your lifetime it is how you will be remembered. What impact did you have on someones life? Did you make a difference? Mrs. Knight truly did make a difference and had an impact on many kids that grew up in Whittier at the time. When I walk the streets of Whittier and talk about the things I see it is experiences like these that make me view things in a different light. A positive, optimistic light. My wife loves to craft and create cool things. I like to think she got a little of that from her childhood at Hoover with Mrs. Knight.
With Thanksgiving and Christmas upon us I thought it would be nice to share one of Mrs. Knights recipes with you. Maybe you might want to make this for this years holiday dinner and honor her one more time.
Strawberry Dream Cake
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