Thursday, February 21, 2013


I have lived in Whittier a long time and I have watched the city change in so many ways. I have been working on this blog and Facebook page for some time now and there is something I can't help but notice. There is a strong creative spirit that the people of Whittier posses. Both young and old Whittierites create such amazing art and music. I have also noticed the creative spirit with film, games, animation and audio work. This got me talking to my good friend and contact over at the
Los Angeles Film School and he gave me info on a great opportunity for Whittier Peeps.
Los Angeles Film School
On March 16 the Los Angeles Film School will be giving  ALL ACCESS Tours of the school. If you are someone interested in learning more about what it takes to do film or work in the Entertainment Business field this is a great opportunity for you. Maybe you want to learn about Audio or Games you are also welcome. If you want to go and just see the campus and get a look behind the scenes you are welcome as well. You can RSVP for the tour of your choice and get an All Access peek.
This Tour will provide FREE PARKING for you as well as FREE BREAKFAST and or LUNCH if you decide to take two tours. What an amazing opportunity for those of you that want to take your creativity to the next level. Email my contact below and let him know My Whittier sent you.
email my contact at
George Ohan
Officer, Military Transition & Community Outreach, Producer & Director
I hope you take advantage of this great FREE opportunity to take your talent to the next level and create the next great piece of ART! Whittier style.

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