Wednesday, March 27, 2013


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My Whittier T Shirts

Monday, March 25, 2013


Well let me be the first to say that I was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay late to the party when it comes to Phlight Restaurant in Whittier. Obviously everything I am about to say regarding this restaurant will be old news to everyone that loves this restaurant. Who cares I am going to say it anyway.

If you have been following me on Facebook and here on my blog you know how I feel about Whittier's nostalgic past. You know how optimistic I am about Whittier's future but when I walked in to Phlight this weekend I was transplanted directly to Whittier's "Present" to Whittier's "Right now." It was like meeting someone for the first time but feeling like I had known them my whole life.

6724 Bright Ave
Whittier      90601
As my wife and I walked up we could see the restaurant was full with standing room only. We were a little worried when we walked through the door and the hostess asked us if we had reservations. Yikes, again like I said I was late to the party I know.(no reservations needed after 9pm) We said no. She said we have two seats at the bar if you would like to sit there? My wife HATES sitting at the bar at any restaurant. We didn't want to wait so we went for it and sat at the bar. We climbed in to the bar stools and sat down and to our amazement it was awesome! Totally comfortable, plenty of room, we could see all of the cooking going on. It was really great to see everything being made it helped us choose our dishes. It felt as if we had our own table. Really cool it's funny how things work out. 
The olives and almonds got us started (so good) as we combed through the entire menu. The
Bartender was right on target and got us our drinks quick without rushing us. Wifey had Sangria she is really particular when it comes to Sangria and she loved this one. They were out of Chub so I went with O'Hara's I enjoyed it.

The staff is right on point and they do an amazing job keeping things running smooth. They keep the glasses full and empty plates clear.

The empanadas are so good! But you already knew that Whittier.
Check out the dinner menu

We had some Grilled Chicken with the Flat Bread and that made a great combo. The Flat Bread is an "Instant Classic" for me I will get that every time I go. We also loved the look of the Fish Tacos, Chicken Mole, Lamb Burgers and so many others. I can't wait to get back.

They might be giants! Owners Jay & Nikomi Arroyo have cracked the code to success in Whittier. Both Whittier College Alumni & Whittier Residents
Phlight Daily News

From the minute you walk through the doors of Phlight you get the feeling that the staff and owners are going to do everything they can to help you enjoy your time here. They have a system that just works and it shows. I was late to the party but as they say better late than never. I recommend this place to anyone who has not tried Phlight yet. Although I am getting the feeling I was the only one in Whittier that didn't try it. To everyone else in Whittier YES you were right this place is amazing.

LUNCH: Monday-Friday 11:30-2:30
DINNER: Sunday-Thursday 5pm to 10pm & Friday-Saturday 5pm-11pm
The Phlight Loft is available to rent for your next celebration!
Call for more details
Thank you to the staff and owners of Phlight you guys have an amazing brand and I am so glad it is in Whittier. Total home run, kudos guys! My wife and I had a really great experience.




Monday, March 11, 2013

Arizona Joe's Salsa

 You all know by now how much I enjoy finding the best Whittier has to offer and passing that on to all of you. So when the owners of Arizona Joe's Salsa contacted me and asked me to sample their home made salsa I was flattered and really pumped. I love great Salsa!

Whittier's Own
Arizona Joe's Salsa

Just like every great success story Felicia and Gonzalo Sanchez started making this salsa about 17 years ago perfecting their recipe for friends and family. Over the years everyone who tried this salsa encouraged them to take it to the next level and produce and sell their delicious salsa to the public. They knew they had a great recipe but needed a great name to go with it. Gonzalo (Gonzo) and Felicia spent a lot of time looking for the perfect name for their great salsa and ended up calling it Arizona Joe's. Gonzalo told me tales of a neighbor they had way back in the day named Joe. Joe was an older interesting guy who told tales of Arizona and how much he adored Arizona. He also made a good salsa so they thought "Let's call it Arizona Joe's," perfect!

Sampling the product and OH MY this salsa is LEGIT!

Me and Gonzo loving this AZJ Spicy Hot Salsa
Gonzalo invited me to La Vendadita Market where they sell their delicious salsa. When I arrived I was pleasantly surprised with La Venadita Market. Gonzalo greeted me and showed me around the market and his enthusiasm about his product and where it was being sold was was refreshing. I love people who stand behind what they do. We went in back and cracked open a bag of tortilla chips and dipped in to the "Spicy Hot" salsa. This salsa has such great distinct flavor and even though it was the spicy hot flavor it was not over powering like some salsas can be.

Available in three delicious flavors. Mild, Med Hot, Spicy Hot
16oz $4.00 or 32oz $7.00
call or text for availability 562-547-7106 or 562-652-1011
The salsa was hot and really enjoyable, great flavor. As it boasts on the label "Great on Anything you can think of" I have to agree. After eating chip after chip with this great salsa I could not help but imagine this salsa on everything from Carne Asada Tacos to Hot Wings. If I had a beer at the time I could have sat there and ate the whole bag of chips!

This great salsa is sold at La Venadita Market in Whittier

La Venadita
14124 Lambert Road
  Whittier 90605
Fresh Meats of all kinds, Assorted Fresh Cheeses, Fresh Hand Made Tortillas, Charcoal, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Fresh Bread, BBQ Sauce and so much more this market is a hidden gem. With Summer right around the corner this needs to be your BBQ Headquarters!

Fresh produce, this market is super clean!
At the end of the day I was thoroughly impressed with Gonzalo and Felicia's Arizona Joe's Salsa. I was so glad I was able to try out this product first hand. It was really great to meet the people behind the product. These Whittier peeps are Great people with a great product! 

Arizona Joe's Salsa

AZJ SALSA is My Whittier Approved!
Try it you are going to love it


        Sunday, March 3, 2013

        Dine Pal Bambooze Offer

        Once again Dine Pal has come through for the My Whittier fan base! We have put together an exclusive offer for you! Check this out!

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        Unlimited Use 20% Off Your Bill at over 20 Whittier Restaurants just showing their DinePal card and you can also use it at places in Brea,Fulleton and more!

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