Monday, April 8, 2013

JAKE PART II (Update 4/14/2013)

Jake has officially been adopted! It looks like this dogs long journey has finally come to an end. He was officially adopted today by the Hills family. The kids below could not be happier and they are ready to give this dog all of the love he deserves. Special thanks to Vicki Leon and friends for making this all possible. Thank God for responsible animal lovers. I am so glad his life was saved and I am beyond ecstatic that he found a long term home!

Thank you to the Hills Family for giving this dog a long term home :)


Papa was a rolling stone and it seems our buddy Jake is to. I just found out last night that the new owner of Jake is looking for a new home for him. After 8 days it looks like unforeseen circumstances have made it impossible for him to be cared for. So the search for a new family continues. After much deliberation I have decided to concentrate on getting Jake a new family and leave what transpired over the last week in the past. I would appreciate everyone else do the same. My blog and life is dedicated to doing the right thing and the right thing right now is to get this dog a new home.

Jake has been taken care of and is currently happy as a clam.
He can sit and shake to! Totally awesome little guy.

 The Amazing Money Donations were still vital and helped save Jake's life. Your donations really did save his life. It stopped Jake from being euthanized. It helped Jake get all of the shots he needed. Jake was groomed and all of his ticks were removed. He was able to get new toys and all of the other things he needed. He was and is being taken care of as we speak. The reasons behind Jake needing a new care giver is irrelevant we need someone responsible and caring for Jake we need someone who will commit to this animal for the long term. Adopting a dog takes a great deal of responsibility and maturity please have these qualities before deciding to take this animal.

It is not about the money but it is about what the money was intended for.

So to the donater's I want you to know that every penny was used towards the help and well being of the dog. It has been said that "all people care about is the money" and that is so far from the truth. When people donate hard earned money for a cause they expect that money to go towards that cause. People donate money because that is what they can contribute to helping save a life. Those people just want to make sure they aren't being taken advantage of and as well they should.
So again thank you for your selfless act!

Vicky Lynn
Big Chris G
Raul R
Ben D
My Whittier

If you would like to adopt Jake you can contact this FB page below:

Contact Vicki she has been a huge help and was one of the people on the waiting list to adopt Jake, I wish she would have got him. Since then she has adopted another pet but would like to assist with this.
Again thank you to those Family's who cared enough to put their name on stand by just in case this fell through. I know that you adopted other animals after you found out Jake was taken but thank you anyway. You are the reason I found out about this current situation so thank you for keeping me informed I appreciate it.
To everyone one else who had a hand in the rescue of this dog and continued support. To the worker who had enough common sense to save the animal and bring him to a safe place! You did the right thing. Thank you to Liz for taking immediate action and doing everything you could to save him. Thanks to wifey for sending me the pictures to get the ball rolling as fast as possible. Thanks to all of the friends of the page who spread the word and literally saved the dog. Such a great thing on Easter and we will still keep the ball rolling and hope someone steps up and gives Jake a permanent home.

Thank you.

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