Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bizarra Capital

I have been hearing so much buzz about Bizarra Capital in Whittier I had to finally go and check it out for myself. You remember back in school when the "new kid" rolled in to town. All of the girls wanted to know him, you never knew what to expect. Was he cool, was he weird or just shy? What was the deal right? I mean we all know what happen when Daniel LaRusso the Karate Kid moved in to Reseda, all hell broke lose! So here it is the new kid on the block Bazarra Capital.

12706 Philadelphia St
Whittier 562.945.2426

My wife and I rolled in on a Friday night around 7:30pm and the parking lot was full. I made one loop around the lot and bingo I was in. We made our way to the front door and the place was pretty packed with standing room wait time. We put in our name and she said it would be about 25 minutes to be seated, no problem. It actually took about 15.

The bar is located in the "waiting to be seated" area which is a little different but they had Sangria so we weren't complaining. The bar is loaded with everything you need from Beer to Tequila & of course Sangria.

Someone walked up and asked for a Lemon Drop and they had no idea what that was.  I suggest sticking to the normal Mexican restaurant booze options. Grab a shot and a Margarita. Like I said  after about 15 minutes we were taken to our table and we scored a booth seat so we were stoked. The dining area was full and there were still people waiting to be seated. Things did start to really thin out around 8:30 pm I suggest coming around this time if you want the crowd to thin out.

Now I have read reviews about the issues with the service here but once we were seated the chips and drinks arrived in a timely manner. It was really, really busy to so kudos for that. The chips were good and I liked the salsa but asked for a hotter one.

This hot salsa really did the trick be careful this salsa sneaks up on you! So wifey had her Sangria and she said it was REALLY good. I had my beer, chips and salsa and the Mariachis were in full swing. Mariachi's perform on Friday nights and it was pretty cool. We browsed the menu and there was so many options I was pretty excited. Our waitress came back and took our order and again it was in a pretty timely manner. I mean this isn't McDonald's when I go out to dinner I expect that it is going to take some time.

This is Sergio he was a great singer and a local Whittier boy to boot,Awesome!

While waiting for my food I scanned the restaurant and I could not help but notice the decor. It left a little to be desired. It wasn't the best I had ever seen but it wasn't the worst either. I figured they are still a new establishment still trying to find their identity. So after about 30 minutes and two bowls of chips the food finally came. Hey I am not going to lie it did take longer than I expected BUT the waitress was very accommodating.  She made sure our drinks were full and kept us in the loop regarding our food. The Mariachi's even asked us if it was our first time and welcomed us. So it wasn't the end of the world.

Tacos Carmelo two Steak Tacos with two different types of salsa on each. With a side of calabacitas. 
TACO TUESDAY'S TACOS ARE $2.50 they are legit!

Carne Asada Plate the beans are REAL, REAL good! This plate comes as seen with a side of tortillas. There isn't the mountain of beans and rice on the side you normally see. But you can order beans and rice on the side if you would like.

Chorizo Quesadilla
 It was good but I would probably try something else next time. So much to choose from on this menu.

Mole Fries

At the end of the day this "New Kid" on the block is about good tasting food. I honestly had a hard time trying to describe the taste but I do know it was tasty. My tacos were very good with a really unique taste. As a matter of fact everything that we had was unique and tasted good. It was refreshing to experience something different in the city. Yes the service is a little slow and prices are a tad bit high. Some kinks could be worked out but these issues are far from being deal breakers for me. I will be back to try some more of the menu items and get to know this new kid better. If you haven't tried this place yet give it a shot.

Bizarra Capital
12706 Philadelphia St
Whittier 562.945.2426

Open 11am - 10pm

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