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Here we are again folks it is time to rank the Top 10 Whittier Pizza! As I have said before pizza is such a touchy subject everyone has their favorite. Depending on what part of Whittier you are from can sway your opinion greatly. I know we have Pizzamania fanatics out there as well as die hard Stuft Pizza peeps. So here it is the MY WHITTIER Top 10 Best. I have had it all and in my opinion this is how it breaks down. The top three can be mixed and matched but I had to rank them and this is how it shakes out.

Quick note! We are talking about Whittier Pizza here I understand there are some really great pizza joints out there. Trust me I have hit those places to but right now we are talking about Whittier with this top 10. Please support your local Whittier business owners, get out and eat some pizza.

* Pizza Ordering Tip: Typically if you order pizza on a busy day Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights chances are you won't be getting the best pie. They tend to rush on busy days. You don't get the right amount of toppings and some times your pie is under done. You will also have to wait a bit longer. This rule applies when ordering a pizza for the big game as well. Tuesday's are great pizza days.


I honestly never thought it could happen my beloved Stuft Pizza getting knocked off of  the top spot. But it was knocked off and here is why. Uptown Pizza Company has been on the grind making really good  quality pizza for some time. It has taken me a while to realize it because I tend to hit Stuft as often as possible. The sauce on this pizza is just great, the crust is fantastic and the quality of the ingredients is right on target. If you haven't tried Uptown Pizza do yourself a favor and grab a large pizza and you will taste the quality. Kudos to Uptown you are doing great work.

Nice little neighborhood joint.

Uptown Pizza Co.
7623 Greenleaf Ave
Whittier          CA


Stuft Pizza will forever be one of my all time favorites in Whittier. It was knocked down a peg this year but I still really love this pizza. It can get a little pricey but this is one of the few pizza joints that offers a great annual book of coupons through Dinepal. One of the knocks I often hear about Stuft is that the crust is to "bready" I actually like a thick crust. If that is not your cup of tea you can actually order a "thinner" crust it won't be New York Style but they work with you. You can even get it Well Done if you want a little crispy char. I grew up on Stuft in the 80's I loved it then and I love it now. They still do a good job and for those of you that don't like it give it another chance it is really good pizza. The pizza below is a double pepperoni and it is delicious.

11104 Whittier Blvd
Whittier, CA 90606
(562) 699-1045

Tony's was one of the grand daddy's of the Whittier pizza scene. Once located in the historic Whittwood Mall. As a kid my parents would drop us off at the mall with enough money for a slice of Tony's pizza and an Orange Bang from Orange Julius to wash it down with. I had all but forgot about Tony's pizza until they resurfaced back at the Whittwood Center. They offer an array of different pies. All of the selections are right there in the window just waiting for you to point to your favorite. Some say it takes a long time to get your pizza here but it is worth the wait. You can call in your order as well. The people of East Whittier love Tony's Pizza and I have to agree I love it to. The picture below is a meal I had with my friend. He got two slices of thin slice pepperoni, really good! I got the stuffed slice with sausage, pepperoni it is legit! Throw in some garlic knots and you are in Heaven.

Original Location inside the Whittwood Mall

15716 Whittwood Ln
Whittier, CA 90603
(562) 947-0500  
 Okay, Okay everyone just calm down. If there was a fan favorite category Pizzamania would walk away with it. Long time fans of this spot hit me up all of the time and they are loyal. You have to love it and the pizza here is good and it has been for sometime. Pizzamania offers a great pizza and they have earned a spot in the top 5. Pizzamania has been producing great pizza for many years regulars know when they walk in here they are going to have to wait. It took quite sometime to get my last pie from here. I don't get here as often as I would like because I live way across town but I will give you your props Pizzamania. The knock on this place is not the pizza AT ALL but almost everyone I talked to said the service is really bad and the staff  seems like they could care less. I am not grading on that criteria but it is a concern, customer service is so vital in todays day and age. I hope they can get that cleaned up. My suggestion is order one to go? Good job on the Pizza Pizzamania you earned

The local go crazy for this place and for good reason the pizza is legit.

13547 Telegraph Rd
Whittier, CA 90605
(562) 944-8803

Wow Barro's Pizza! Me and Barro's go way back. When I was a 15 year old kid going to Whittier High School Barro's was located on Greenleaf and Bailey downstairs below the street line. It was fantastic and if I close my eyes I could still taste the pizza that was served down there. The sausage is fantastic. I located the Original owner of Barros some years ago when he resurfaced over on Leffingwell. This pizza could rank higher but something has held it back. I miss the glory days of Barro's on Greenleaf really good times there.

This place was and is legendary not the best but damn good!


I really like the pizza here it definitely has an original authentic true Italian taste. This place opened up over a year ago but the owners have been in Whittier for quite some time. Ciao Italia first opened it's doors in Whittier on August 29, 2007 as Ciao Panini Grill. Exclusively selling Grilled Paninis and fresh salads at this location. It was a total success and people loved it. Since then they have opened this great eatery and the pizza is really good.

13112 Philadelphia St
Business Hours:
Monday - Saturday 11am-9pm
Closed Sunday
Phone orders accepted!


So how many hard core Whittier peeps am I dealing with here? Do you remember La Prima? Well unfortunately La Prima is gone but Lascari's stepped in and has served the Whittier community well. Everything on the menu is solid and the pizza is real good. We will also revisit this place when we grade our Whittier sandwiches. Until then grab a pizza pie from Lascari's Deli you will be happy you did.

Chicken Pesto Pizza

14104 E Lambert Rd
Whittier, CA 90605
(562) 698-5899

So If you are a TRUE Whittier resident from way back you have been to Shakey's Pizza on Washington Blvd. I can remember going to Shakeys as a small child. My mom and dad would take me here and the old reel to reel movies would be playing. Families would be gathered around eating pizza and having a great time. Back then this was the place to eat pizza after our little league games. Good times and great memories. The truth of the matter is Shakey's makes a damn good pizza. It has a great crust, a really unique sauce and all of the topping are great! You can't go wrong with Shakey's. Let's not forget this is also the home of the world famous bunch a lunch and mojos. Shakeys coming in at a solid number 8!  

You can't go wrong with these three things on your plate!

11530 Washington Blvd
Whittier, CA 90606
(562) 692-0741

9. 3 ALARM

3 Alarm has a small but loyal following but they make a good pie. This is not a pizza that is going to have you running home to tell everyone how great it is BUT it is good. They also have a pretty good eating area, plenty of beers on tap. If you are in this area and want to try a new pizza give them a try. If they want to stay on this list they are going to have to step it up.

11343 La Mirada Blvd
Whittier, CA 90604
(562) 777-1114  

10. NO NUMBER 10!

Believe it or not ranking the 10th best Pizza in Whittier is pretty hard! There were a few that could have snuck in to the 10 hole but if I'm going to rank the TOP 10 Best Whittier has to offer it has to be worthy. Unfortunately I can't endorse anyone in the ten spot for 2013. Yes there are some that you might say deserve this last spot but for all of the other pizza's out there I can't put them in to this years Top 10.

The Others
Dominos - Yes I am totally in if I want it delivered quick and easy not bad.
Pizza Hut - Another quick and cheap option.
Papa Johns - I have never been a fan but if you like go for it.
Doppio Boccio - People say good things I personally think the pasta is what this place is known for I don't care for the pizza.
Datillo - Also known for the other menu items I love this place though.
That's Amore - Something is missing here No Amore for Amore
Brickhouse Pizza - It made the Top 10 last year but since has fell off the mark.
Marco Pollo - It is a favorite because it has stood the test of time but definitely not a top 10
Little Caesars' - I actually like this place but we are talking the cream of the crop here.
Piara Pizza - Just Okay but cheap so that works for some peeps.
Joe Peeps New York Style - I actually had some of this recently and was ready to put them in the 10 spot. I got my pie had a slice and was Totally underwhelmed. No flavor no pizzaz! Sorry far from New York Style.
De Lucas - Used to be great, still decent but not known for the pizza.
Pamore - Good, affordable.
Pronto - Again if you are looking for a price point not a bad option.
La Pizza Loca - Sometimes you crave a pizza with beans smeared all over it and when you do you call Pizza Loca.
Pizza 8 - Its okay
Olive Garden - I would rather have the other items on the menu. I have had the pizza and it is just okay I would not recommend.
I hope you all have an opinion on this list. Lets hear from you Whittier. Who do you like the best? More importantly make sure you get out and support your local eatery's. You will be glad you did and who knows you might find a diamond in the rough?

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