Friday, July 26, 2013

Beef 'd Up Gourmet Burgers

Hello Whittier, It has been quite awhile since I took pen to paper but in my defense I was in a pizza coma. That Top 10 Pizza List I put together was a doozie!

Okay so we have a new Burger Joint in town and they are called Beef'd Up Gourmet Burgers. In typical Whittier fashion when a new restaurant opens in this town we all have to go and see what it is all about. Whittier residents are passionate about burgers so when I heard it was a burger joint I was excited to try it out. Although not your typical burger joint these burgers are billed as "Gourmet Burgers." They specialize in gourmet burgers and shakes.

Jay Prieto Owner and Founder of Beef 'd Up Gourmet Burgers had his dad in mind when he started this restaurant. As a kid 20 years ago Jay would frequent this very shopping center where his restaurant is now located and enjoy a "burger special" with his dad at the old burger spot that was there. At the time that was all they could afford but the heart felt memory of those times has always stuck with Jay. Those memories and feelings helped him conceive his gourmet burger restaurant. Jay is a family man and wanted to create a place where family's would feel welcome. With healthy options in growing demand you get the feeling when you walk in that this could be "that place".

Visit the website below for the full story.

10722 Beverly Blvd #V (Cross St Norwalk)
Whittier               90601

 I walked in and I was impressed with the d├ęcor. It didn't feel like a "Fast Food Joint" and that is good thing because they aren't a fast food joint. Everything was clean and nice, not to big inside but still roomy enough to get around comfortably. I was actually a frequent customer of the previous owner "Spartan Burger" so I was familiar with the space. Jay actually added a side patio feature which is really nice. It's always nice to eat outside when the weather is nice, I really liked it nice touch.

Really enjoyable patio area

The staff is really helpful and cordial. They make sure all of your questions are answered regarding  menu items. They make it clear up front that the food may take a few minutes longer to prepare.
Beef 'd Up uses 100 % Natural Beef humanely raised. Hormone and MSG Free,
Vegan Veggie Burgers are also available.

All American Cheeseburger with all of the fixins.
In house cut fries, beer battered onion rings, tempura fried mushrooms, beer battered zucchini

You can request the dipping sauces with your appetizer order. The Korean dipping sauce is good

I ordered the Beef 'd Up All American Cheeseburger with fries. I also ordered some side options, beer battered zucchini, tempura fried mushrooms & beer battered onion rings. All were real good and the Korean dipping sauce with the tempura fried mushrooms was a winner. The burger did take some time but it wasn't to long. Remember these are made to order. The burger arrives on a long white plate with a basket of house cut fries. The presentation is really nice. The burger is a real good size and they give you a good portion of fries. The ALL AMERICAN cheeseburger was $7.99 I thought is was a good deal, fair price.
All American Cheeseburger $7.99 with house cut fries / Sweet potato fries also available
Stop by and try the SHAKES made with REAL ICE CREAM
Vanilla, Chocolate & Strawberry
As I mentioned the staff and concept are really, really good and refreshing. The owners are top notch and so hospitable. Typically when something is a new concept it takes awhile to find its groove. The burger was good and I think as time goes on they will continue to fine tune things. I would really like to hear what you think of Beef'd Up Burger drop me a line on this feed and let me and others know what your take on this place is. I encourage all of Whittier and beyond to get out and support local business and try new things in our area.


Open Now but

"The Official" Grand Opening is August 1st so stop by and try a

Beef'd Up Gourmet Burger & Shake!

 Special Thanks to:
Beef'd Up Burger
Owners Jay Prieto & Jackie Cerda
The Servers, Staff and Chef's at Beef'd Up
The Patrons the day I stopped by thank you for the input.

*Unfortunately Not My Whittier Approved


  1. I think you covered everything except they don't cook your burger until they place your order, hence the wait, but it's worth it. The meat is so good, you wouldn't need anything but the bun. Their service is top notch, I hope they maintain that level. It's a must try.

    1. Thanks for the input Marie it is apprteciated ;)