Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Whittier Caps

Many of you have been asking about the My Whittier Caps so I wanted to give you the 411. I have limited quantities left with more to come soon. Grab one today and represent Whittier at your next BBQ or just hanging out in our bad ass city :)

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

NEW Dine Pal Offer for Whittier

My Whittier friends here is your chance to try the two new restaurants in Whittier that I recently blogged about. Dine Pal has put together a great offer! Check this out!

Off The Hook Fish Grill, Beef'd Up Burger & The Improve Comedy Club in Brea
Friends of the page get it for $9.99 Call 714-292-3780

Off the Hook Fish Grill
 is giving out 10 - Buy one Get one Free dinners or lunches of your choice and 1- 50% off your Bill (Up to $20.00 off the bill)

Call Fred and get yours foe $9.99 While supplies last! Regular price is $25.00!

Fantastic Fish Tacos

Beef 'd Up is giving out 10- Buy one Get One Free 1/4 lb 'Build your own" Gourmet Burgers any way you want it and also a 1-50% Off your Bill (Up to $20.00 off the bill)

Call Fred and get yours foe $9.99 While supplies last! Regular price is $25.00!

Try these Burgers at a discount you can't lose!

Plus as a Special Bonus -Six Free Brea Improv Comedy Passes 
(Each pass admits 2 people)

All friends of the My Whittier page get the whole
$400 value for Only $9.99.
Only 50 will be sold at this at this price the reg price is $25

Hurry offer expires soon!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Green Burrito of Los Nietos

Guest Writer: A Number 1 Fan

Green Burrito – “RASPADAS”
Back in the day, there was a magical fast food restaurant in a part of Whittier called Los Nietos that served vintage Mexican style snow cones.  Now, you can walk into a Carl’s Jr and order a carne asada burrito from the Green Burrito menu.  In the early 80’s, the Green Burrito was its own stand alone taco stand.  The one on Norwalk Blvd near Slauson Ave sold a taste of heaven:  RASPADAS

This was the old Green Burrito back in the day in Los Nietos, CA

There was an old fashioned snow cone machine located inside the kitchen of the Green Burrito.  This spot was old school.  You ordered and picked up your food at the window and ate outside on benches.  The window to the left of the taco stand is where they made and sold your RASPADAS.
This was the type of machine they used. It was incredible and made the best ice!

The GB sold RASPADAS in several different sizes, all in a tub size cup.  It would start from a traditional 24oz cup for 99 cents and go all the way to a Kentucky Fried Chicken sized tub for I think 4.99.  On sweltering hot summer days, I would go into the truck with my pops and bring our family “Igloo”, or cooler. We would load it up with an extra large RASPADA.  Inside the tub, would be several straws and spoons.  It was a great treat for the family, as all members could share an XL.  Leftovers were always put back into the freezer at home to share later in the night, but be careful!  If you left the straws or spoons in the tub, they would freeze with the ice!

The RASPADA came in only three flavors:  strawberry/pineapple; strawberry only; pineapple only.
Life was good in the 80's

Later on, I learned they sold the syrup for the RASPADAS at the local Smart and Final on Washington Boulevard.

I wish I could go back in time and eat a RASPADA.  It was a great treat on a hot day in Whittier!
Written by A. Number 1 Fan



Friday, August 2, 2013

Off the Hook Fish Tacos

When it comes to fish tacos in Whittier we know how stiff the competition can be. Opening any restaurant in any city can be such a daunting task and I appreciate and admire anyone who tries. When I saw the sign for Off The Hook Fish Grill I thought to myself "Hmmmmmmmm, okay, another fish taco place." So when I had some time last week I went to check it out for lunch.

Off the Hook Fish Grill

12824 Hadley St # 110
(Cross Street Comstock)
Whittier              90601

If you know the area you might have remembered this location. It was occupied by the
Pupuseria El Comedor Restaurant and that was no bueno.

When I walked in for the first time I was immediately impressed with the décor. It was REALLY clean inside and that made me feel good right off the bat. Quite the transformation, The décor was really cool, simple but the detail put in was appreciated. I actually had a vision in my mind that this place would be around for a long time and this was before I even tasted the food.

This inside of this place just feels good, maybe its just me?

You order at the counter when you walk in. I think that is a fantastic way to do things it streamlines everything and minimized congestion. You order and go to you seat and the food is brought to your table I like that. I immediately realized that this was not a typical "fast food joint" it is hard to explain but I got the feeling this restaurant knows who they are. How can I put this? Okay if 7 Mares & Joe's Crab Shack  had a baby this would be their kid. You know the kid you have and you want him / her to grow up and do something better than you did. It is not a fast food place but not a full on restaurant either its right in between in a really good way. It's the same thing but original, I dig it. I ordered the shrimp taco and the fish taco and drink. It cost me $8.50 a little pricey but not unreasonable. When I was siting at the table I was noticing more little details. The table had a roll of paper towels like Joe's Crab Shack nice touch! I hate running out of napkins when I am eating. The table also had Tabasco, Tapatio & El Yucateco Habenero Sauce! YUM! 

Shrimp Taco & Fish Taco, Really good flavor and a good size tacos. Fresh!
It is a good thing when you sit at a table and all of this is waiting for you. I hate asking for more napkins at a restaurant.

If you feel like going the extra mile and ordering some Crab Legs, yes I said Crab Legs you can do that here! $28.00 bucks gets you 2 pounds of Crab Legs right here in Uptown Whittier. I would totally do that one day. Beer & Wine are coming soon! Baja Fresh is the shiz and there is no disputing that BUT parking can be a little hectic at times and the wait can get crazy. Although it is worth the wait. 
If you want to change things up and try something new like a Fresh Halibut Dinner or Fried Catfish Dinner & Salad try Off the Hook
Beer & Wine Coming Soon :)

Far from a one trick pony Off The Hook has plenty to choose from. Now is it the "end all be all" no but I really, really enjoyed this place and I am already making plans to go back. It is just another good, healthy original food experience here in Whittier. I love how its off the beaten path, just enough. They have an out door area that is always nice when you are enjoying taco and beer! You can even do grilled fish tacos. I only put my stamp of approval on places that I thoroughly enjoy and this is one of them. If you like fish tacos, Halibut, Crab Legs and more give Off The Hook a try.
My Whittier Approved!