Monday, August 5, 2013

Green Burrito of Los Nietos

Guest Writer: A Number 1 Fan

Green Burrito – “RASPADAS”
Back in the day, there was a magical fast food restaurant in a part of Whittier called Los Nietos that served vintage Mexican style snow cones.  Now, you can walk into a Carl’s Jr and order a carne asada burrito from the Green Burrito menu.  In the early 80’s, the Green Burrito was its own stand alone taco stand.  The one on Norwalk Blvd near Slauson Ave sold a taste of heaven:  RASPADAS

This was the old Green Burrito back in the day in Los Nietos, CA

There was an old fashioned snow cone machine located inside the kitchen of the Green Burrito.  This spot was old school.  You ordered and picked up your food at the window and ate outside on benches.  The window to the left of the taco stand is where they made and sold your RASPADAS.
This was the type of machine they used. It was incredible and made the best ice!

The GB sold RASPADAS in several different sizes, all in a tub size cup.  It would start from a traditional 24oz cup for 99 cents and go all the way to a Kentucky Fried Chicken sized tub for I think 4.99.  On sweltering hot summer days, I would go into the truck with my pops and bring our family “Igloo”, or cooler. We would load it up with an extra large RASPADA.  Inside the tub, would be several straws and spoons.  It was a great treat for the family, as all members could share an XL.  Leftovers were always put back into the freezer at home to share later in the night, but be careful!  If you left the straws or spoons in the tub, they would freeze with the ice!

The RASPADA came in only three flavors:  strawberry/pineapple; strawberry only; pineapple only.
Life was good in the 80's

Later on, I learned they sold the syrup for the RASPADAS at the local Smart and Final on Washington Boulevard.

I wish I could go back in time and eat a RASPADA.  It was a great treat on a hot day in Whittier!
Written by A. Number 1 Fan



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  1. I remember that Green Burrito and those refreshing raspadas. My family was no stranger to the XL tub as we'd go there often. To this day, I'm still searching for my childhood raspada. I wish it was still around.