Wednesday, September 25, 2013


When it comes to restaurants in Whittier I would love to say I have been to them all but the truth is I really haven't. I only have one stomach and limited time so in many occasions I will hit a restaurant and it will take me awhile to get back again. That was the case with La Pescadora, my childhood friend hit me up last week and said "hey we are going to go watch some football and eat menudo at La Pescadora you should come by." I haven't been to La Pescadora in so long I thought it would be a great idea. I walked in on Sunday morning at about 9:50am and the restaurant was already in the groove. Waiters and waitresses greet you on the way in, food is already being served and the smell inside was wonderful. I made my way over to the bar area and my first thought was "DAMN!"

La Pescadora
7039 Greenleaf Ave
Whittier  90602
(562) 698-4144

If you are a football fan and love to watch the games this might be the hidden gem you have been looking for. It is a great bar area, plenty of seating, great TV's with all of the NFL package games. The staff here is so great they will even try and put the game of your choice on. We sat down and soaked in the atmosphere browsed the menu and settled in. People started to come in wearing NFL jerseys looking just as happy as I was to be there. My buddy Jesus said it best that day "This place is awesome and I am glad my Cowboys are winning but its not about the game or the food or beer. It is who you are eating and drinking with while watching the game."

"It's not where you watch but who you watch with"
J.Janacua aka Zues
The menudo is made to order so if like yours a certain way just let the waiter or waitress know. if you like less meat mor meat. More soup less soup etc.

The food was really good and the Menudo was definitely worth going back for. I also split a chorizo burrito with my buddy Aggie and it was really good as well. It was really large more than we could eat and that is always good! $3.00 Drafts I was drinking Dos XX's like it was going out of style.

My wife loves a good Nacho plate and this one looked delish! I'm going to have to bring her next time so she could try these :)
Alfonso Aguilar is the owner of this establishment and he took some time and talked with me for a bit on Sunday. The first thing that struck me when I met him was how super cool and down to earth he was. I mean this dude genuinely appreciated my group of friends and the business we brought. Five minutes in to the conversation you could feel how passionate he is about his business. He has put some hardcore blood, sweat and tears in to this place. Alfonso is really open to hearing about ways to improve his business and that is a great quality to have. He admits at times it has been hard with the ups and downs of the economy but he has persevered. I will totally be back. The staff here is well trained and friendly, the food is real good and the bar was just right for football. plenty of TV's they even have a large movie screen TV in the dining room, genius!
La Pescarora is Los Angeles Laker Headquarters. Yup you can catch all of the games here and enjoy Laker action on the big screen TV's with all of the food and drink specials you can handle.

As a Laker fan you know you never jump ship. It is nice to know there is somewhere I can go to be around people that bleed "Purp & Gold"
La Pescadora has a full bar? Yes I am not sure if you noticed how hard it is to get a stiff drink in the uptown area. Take it from me it ain't easy! At La Pescarora you can get a Margarita just the way you like it. If that isn't your cup of tea crab a Vodka on the rocks. If you ever need a stiff drink hit
La Pescadora and they will take care of you, so good to know.
La Pescadora is also available for party's. This was a recent party put on by Whittier High School it was quite the reunion bash!

Book your next event here Banquet room is available. La Pescadora also would love to cater your next event check out the menu.
My overall experience was enjoyable I appreciated the owner and staff doing a great job on Sunday. The place eventually filled up and bowls of menudo flowed along with the beer. I said my good bye's to my buddys and to the new friends I met and walked out on to Greenleaf Ave. The sun was shining and it wasn't to hot, my belly was full and right then at that moment for the billionth time in my life I was so happy be a resident of the city of Whittier.
La Pescadora
Monday - Friday 12pm to 10pm
Friday - 11am to 12am
Saturday - Sunday - 9am to 12am NFL Sunday Ticket All Day
visit the Facebook Page
Thank you
Thank you to the owner Alfonso I had a great time. I appreciated you taking the time to talk with me
Aggie thanks for the invite brotha good call.
Jesus J aka Zues it was great to see you man I hope we can do it again real soon, you are the man! it was great to see for family as well.
Carlos aka Beef always good to see you man, Go Raiders!
To Bert H and his Mrs H it was great to meet you both and it was great watching the game with you guys.
To The Staff I am not sure if I caught you guys on a good day but EVERYONE that I encountered that day was lights out fantastic. My waiter was on his game and totally pro, nice job.

To all Whittier residents get out and enjoy what Whittier has to offer. Help a Whittier biz out you will be happy that you did.


  1. Cool article. I love La Pescadora also.


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