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Whittier, The Poetical Works of John Greenleaf 1889

One of the things my wife and I love to do most is to go Estate Sale shopping in Whittier. We also love to cruise the streets of Whittier and hunt for a good Yard Sale. This weekend we were out and about and came across an Estate Sale on Greenleaf / Broadway. It was at a house I have past a million times over the years and I was finally going to see the inside of this old gem of a house. Needless to say it was a privilege to walk the halls of this home and look at all of the amazing things for sale. On my way out I hit the bookshelf and there it was.

It was a book that said WHITTIER on the cover. I had no idea what a treasure I was holding at first glance. It turns out this book is a book of John Greenleafs Poetical Works, 339 pages of Poems and Illustrations from 1889. This is his complete collection of poems.


In these volumes, for the first time, a complete collection of my poetical writings has been made. While it is satisfactory to know that these scattered children of my brain have found a home, I cannot but regret that I have been unable, by reason of illness, to give that attention to their revision and arrangement, which respect for the opinions of others and my own afterthought and experience demand. That there are pieces in this collection shich I would "willingly let die," I am free to confess. But it is now to late to disown them, and I must submit to the inevitable penalty of poetical as well as other sins. There are others, intimately connected with the authors life and times, which owe their tenacity of vitality to the circumstances under which they were written,and the events by which they were suggested.

The long poem of Mogg Megone was in a great mesure composed in early life; and it is scarcely necessary to say that its subject is not such as the writer would have chosen at any subsequent period.

Amesbury, 18th 3d mo., 1857.

John Greenleaf Whittier

The book is a pretty good size 10 inches by 6 1/2 inches
This book has so much character. It is an amazing to hold this beauty.

Signed June 17, 1891
Howard Vau Cauepeu from Geo N. S.

The Poetical Works, John Greenleaf 
The Riberside Press, Cambridge

"Upon his pitchfork leaning"

"Skipper Ireson stood in the cart"

Amazing poems


As Islam's Phrophet, when his last day drew
Night to it's close, besought all men to say
Whom he had wronged, to whom he then should pay

A debt forgotten, or for pardon sue,
And, through the silence of his weeping friends,
A strange voice cried, "Thou owest me a debt;"
"Allah be praised!" he answered. "Even yet
He gives me power to make to thee amends.
Oh, friend! I thank thee for thy timely word."
So runs the tale. Its lesson all may heed,
For all have sinned in thought, or word, or deed;
Or, like the Prophet, through neglect have erred.
All need forgiveness, all have debts to pay
Ere the nightcometh, while it still is day.


So many great poems in this book. I am really happy to have found such a treasure. To think I only paid ONE DOLLAR for this book seems beyond incredible. All of my positive thoughts about the city of Whittier and the people in this city lead this book to me. I appreciate it and hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
My Whittier will have a booth at the Walnut Festival on October 5th I will bring this book along for those that would like to see it up close.
See you soon.

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