Monday, November 25, 2013


I was actually going to write my own post but this touched me more than anything I could have put together. This was sent to me today and I felt it needed to be posted to spread the word about the fundraiser tomorrow at Shakeys Pizza. Please read below.

Meet Randy Flores, whom since November 15, has been suffering from a tragic accident that ended in the loss of not only his four month old daughter, Randi Flores, but also his beloved wife, Tricia.
This couple was always giving back to the community, and before Tricia departed from us, she donated her organs and gave the gift of LIFE to SIX people in need... the youngest of which being six years old!

My heart has been deeply touched in the past week at how the community has come together and surrounded him with lots of love, prayers and donations to help him prepare for final services. I can't even begin to imagine the pain he has endured, but I admire his strength through this heartbreaking event.

My heart is always moved when I hear or read stories about paying it forward, or making a difference in people's lives.... This woman made a difference not only to the six people whose lives she saved, but to many others as well. I would love honor her by having you share this story with your followers... in hopes they may find it in their heart to make a small donation, or even just prayers for this family and most important their children... who will be celebrating these upcoming holidays without their mother.

There is an online fundraiser at giveforward . com
search Randy Flores and there you will find the page where any donation can be made. There will be a fundraiser benefit tomorrow at Shakeys in Whittier between 6 and 9 pm... 25% of the sales will go toward the family. With your help we can make this a citywide event and touch Randy's heart, just as his wife has touched the heart of many.

Please let me know if you are able to help.

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