Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Have you been anxious for another Elvis Presley tribute show to get you jumping out of your seats? Is August too far away? Well Whittier's own Eddie Stephens is here to give you what you need. Eddie and the boys are bringing you the first ever Spring Fling with the King! Those of you that attended the 3rd Annual Elvis Extravaganza this year at the historic Whittier Theatre know what a great time we had. This is a spring show that will give us a taste of what is to come this August! As you all know there was no one like the King Elvis Presley. Local Whittier boy Eddie Stephens has been putting his heart and soul in to these shows for years. He is making sure the Elvis Legacy is remembered and honored in a respectful and true to life manner, It truly is a great show!
Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 28, 2015, when we bring you an extraordinary evening of some of the best music of All Time.


Starring Southern California's own, Jacob Roman as Elvis the Early Years! Jacob has won numerous competitions around the United States including the California E.P. Expo in 2013 and the Oklahoma E.P. Expo in 2014. This young artist is a great ambassador for new young Elvis fans to realize that the fan base of the King is not just for those that grew up in Elvis' time, but rather for anyone, of any age. As an 18 year old Elvis Tribute Artist (ETA), Jacob truly captures the raw energy of Elvis as if you were back at a 1954 Louisiana Hayride show! This will be a rare local appearance for this ETA, so make sure you don't miss it!

Also headlining the bill is Dave Hoover coming to us direct from Las Vegas! From the age of six, Dave has emulated the greatest entertainer of all time - his favorite singer, Elvis. Dave grew up to be blessed with a wonderful voice that resembled Elvis’ and dreamed of recreating the magic of Elvis’ performances on stage. Dave takes pride in paying meticulous attention to detail in choreography and costumes, as well as the vocal nuances that every Elvis fan looks for. You can expect to have your breathe taken away by this incredible performer. One that makes very few Southern California appearances.

Whittier's own Eddie Stephens keeping the memory of Elvis
on our minds and in our hearts one show at a time

As always, the ETA's are backed up by Southern California's top Elvis tribute band, the Treat Me Nice band. This 6-pc group will help you not only to hear the music, but feel the music. These musicians have traveled all over the world with their craft. Performing with such artists as: Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Bo Diddley, and many more. A sound unmatched by any other group in SoCal.

So if you want to attend a rockin show please head on over to
VFW Post 1944, 16157 Gale Ave, City of Industry, CA 91745, at 7pm. Drinks and refreshments will be available for purchase and all proceeds support the VFW so please patronize their services that evening. As always this is an All Ages Family Event. So bring the whole group and we'll see you there! TCB!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Portsmouth Whittier California

I have lived in Whittier for quite some time as you all know. I have seen things come and I have seen them go. It seems a new restaurant opens every other week. Mexican food, Italian food, burgers and dogs, pizza. Hey don't get me wrong if it's good you know I am there with bells on. But I haven't been "WOWED" in a very, very, very long time.

That was until I went to Portsmouth on Friday September 12, 2014

13103 Penn St
Whittier, CA 90602
It was Friday night and my wife and I decided earlier in the week that it was going to be a Portsmouth Friday night. Sea food, pork belly tacos, oysters and Craft Beer. Hey after a long week of work we can all appreciate and enjoy good food and drink right?
Always check the board for specials
when you visit Portsmouth
Stop by for Happy Hour great deals on Oysters and Drinks! 

When I walk in to Portsmouth I  always appreciate the simplistic but highly artistic design and atmosphere. The patrons in sync with the design create the ambiance here at Portsmouth. Once the beer gets poured and fresh oysters are being shucked. Music is playing in the background, glasses are clinging, people are talking about their day and just like that you get mentally
transported to a zen like place.
The smells are amazing in here and I love it!

We had so many amazing dishes that night. I started with Oysters, followed with the seared scallops. My wife had the show stopping enchiladas hands down her new favorite dish on the menu.

Seared scallops were freaking amazing!

I have been here a hand full of times but this was the first night that Portsmouth felt like it had been here for years. It felt like I was in grade school again wearing fresh white slip on Vans and someone walked right up and stomped on top of my shoe, "Baptized!" Its like your favorite cooking pan at home that gets used so much that it's perfectly seasoned. Portsmouth is hitting it's stride and it is real good to see and taste. Portsmouth is here to stay mark my words.

Fresh Oysters!!
If you love food and amazing selections of beer and wine you absolutely have to come to Portsmouth and enjoy dinner and drinks in Beautiful Whittier California. Chef Daniel's imagination and skill will take you places you have never been. Right here in Whittier's backyard.
Portsmouth is our new BFF!

After our meal was over and we thought the night could not get any better Chef Daniel treated us to dessert. When I tell you I had an outer body experience when I tasted Chef Daniels bread pudding I am being dead serious! The first bite was pure bliss I looked at my wife with my eyes wide open and she just smiled and shook her head yes. If you just go to Portsmouth for this dessert it would be well worth the trip. Trust me when I tell you this could be the best tasting dessert I have ever had.

When I met Chef and shook his hand
the first thing I said was "How did you do that man"
referring to the bread pudding!

To Chef Daniel and staff I hope you can feel the gratitude in my simple words. You guys are doing something special. I appreciate the hospitality and fantastic customer service every time I come in. Chef, my wife and I were humbled and extremely happy to eat the food you prepared for us. You are an amazing Chef and you were so kind to show us around. Thank you so much!
Chef Daniel is so talented.
Stop by and say hello.


Monday - Thursday 5pm - 10pm
Friday & Saturday 5pm - 11pm
Sunday 12noon - 4pm / 5pm - 10pm
 If you are a Whittier resident I encourage you to get out and experience the shops and restaurants in town. It supports our community and they offer amazing services.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I started my blog about two years ago and over the two years I have had the good fortune to meet so many interesting people here in Whittier. So many people doing so many cool things and it is great to see. I was contacted a few months back by David J Freeman. David is a Whittier native who has written three novels. When I say novels I mean novels David is writing books that exceed 700 pages. As I learned more about David's books I saw that he is in to the HORROR genre and I dig that. I thought it would be a great opportunity to sit down and talk with David about the release of his third book Forensic Black. I have never attempted a Q & A Interview and thought why not? Enjoy my sit down with local horror writer David J Freeman.

* I see that Forensic Black is your third large book in three years – how do you feel you’ve grown as a writer from the experience of 37 Planes , Folkhlore , and now this 740-page monster ? I just write blogs I can't imagine taking on such a challenge.
… Just like anything really , the more you do , the better you get , and the more comfortable you get expressing yourself . Being an independent author I can basically write anything I want , so that helps in the long run because you have nothing holding you back , only yourself if you don’t have the patience to put in the work it takes to type away for hours by yourself , and push yourself beyond whatever limits you think you used to have …

DJF's Third Novel

each book has had its own brutal reality test for me , so fighting through that , then finishing on my own personal terms feels amazing – that’s when you really feel the growth through your own accomplishment … as far as the books’ size, if you were to talk to bands like Black Sabbath and Metallica they would tell you that they never start out to make an 8-minute song , it just ends up that way . It’s the same thing for me and writing , I can never say no to myself when it comes to adding another sharp angle to help push the main story along , and if it adds an extra hundred pages , even better
*In Forensic Black the backdrop of the novel is our hometown Whittier ( Whittrey in the book ), and a lot of the landmarks and nostalgia that seems to be hitting a certain chord with people . Even though the names are jumbled and mixed together and some even being fictitious , you make it obvious of where it comes from , and the déjà vu that comes with it . I think that is such a cool tribute to Whittier.
Yes , in many ways really . In the beginning I was really struggling , I had the main idea in my head of where I wanted the story to go , but I hit a wall almost immediately . The first thing that helped was basing the story in 1998 when I first started my old office life career , and that helped create the opening sequences .

DJF La Serna Allum

But, nothing really clicked solid until “Aubrey’s cab ride home” , and I began to think of what my old street Lashburn smelled like and the constant activity that surrounded it , and how a lot of Whittier’s neighborhoods have trees that form natural tunnels when in full bloom , and how the heat waves off the sidewalks and pavement of Whittier Boulevard looking westward during mid afternoon on a hot day , and all the schools , stores , clothing , eras in time , and everything else that encapsulated the best period of my life … it was a lot of fun to mash school and street names together knowing that Whittier people would get the joke , and draw them in to the story more by throwing that blanket of familiarity over everything … some of the stories in the book actually happened , I just threw in my sick twist on things – I mention most of those in the  Special Thanks section of the book … when I personally look back on this book , I know that it wouldn’t be what it became without Whittier , and what I experienced growing up there … feels good to give that city its due in my own demented way

* Other than personal life experiences, where else do you pull most of your inspiration ?​
 ... From everyday life mostly - I see something happen , or watch someone doing something , and my brain puts its own twist on things . If I see some dude pumping gas , my brain thinks - ' What's really stopping someone from walking by and throwing a match ? ' ...
* What was the first REAL story you remember writing ?
          ... In sixth grade - ' Little Johnny's Lunchbox ' - we were told to write anything we wanted for a homework assignment . My Mom let me use the electric typewriter she would bring home from work once in a while . I wrote six pages that night about a kid who's lunchbox would sit on the shelf with all the other kids' boxes in the closet , then start to rumble around the closer it got to lunch time . The entire story was built around an idea that the guy who made the box at the factory died while making Johnny’s lunchbox , it just happened to occur right before HIS lunch time - so the factory worker's ghost inhabited the lunchbox . I got an A , and pretty much freaked Ms. Palas out a little judging by her red penned notes at the top . Up to that point I was scribbling down ideas , never really finishing anything  ...
​* Every Author experiences "Writer's Block" I know there are times when I have a creative block. How do you deal with that and over come it?
          ... Writer's Block can be brutal - nothing worse than watching that cursor blink in the top left corner of the screen . My mind is always going , and I tend to keep a lot of different titles and ideas in different folders , so if I run in to any problems I can just open something I started working on before , or start mapping out notes for a great title I came up with - then eventually the block-bubble​ will pop and my mind starts jamming again . Everyone deals with Writer's Block differently - that's just my way of getting around it - keeping my mind busy instead of sitting there getting frustrated by watching the blinking cursor ... I also edit everything from the previous night’s session, and that always seems to get the brain working , as well as branching the original ideas out in different and better directions – that helps , and happens a lot …

* In your first two books , as well as Forensic Black , I noticed you've had interesting and distinct character names - any specific details on why that is important to you as a writer ?
               ... To me , sometimes a good character name is almost as important as the title of the story itself , and it's one of my favorite things about writing - coming up with all the names . In 37 Planes I needed a ton of names - sometimes I mapped them out so they really meant something - and sometimes I scribbled combinations of names .

DJF pulls inspiration from Metallica
Straight forward & Hardcore

Like Joey Tadegah for instance , when his character popped up in my head I knew the name had to be something that defined who he was , and where he may have came from . In Folkhlore , Yorris' name was the first one I came up with after I envisioned the make up of his character  - and when it came to the others I thought of Southern , Mid , and Northern Europe - playing with the different letters and how they may have been pronounced or spelled ... so much fun . Most of the time I'll come up with a name that will make a reader stop , and reread it - pronounce it out loud  ... anything to help draw the reader's attention -pulling them in even further ... My favorite from the new book Forensic Black is the Mother character – LaBretta Dehnem . I was watching MeTv one night and MASH came on , then later I watched an episode from the old detective show Baretta – I laughed when it came to me – Loretta Swit and Baretta … love when stuff like that happens
* Speaking of Characters , all three books : 37 Planes , Folkhlore , and now with Forensic Black you have written accent driven dialogue - another way to get the reader to slow down and enjoy the story ?
​            ... Anybody can write the dialogue straight , then force the reader to play the accent along in their head at the same time - I think it's a little more interesting to have the reader sound out each word until they get the swing of the character's accent , and if they read it aloud long enough maybe they can end up speaking as that character - identifying even more with a quirky , or annoying aspect that makes one love , or hate that character even more ... Zeta Krontz from 37 Planes is a great example of that

             In Forensic Black I just remembered all of those movies lately , with all of those B’astan ( Boston ) accents – LaBretta Dehnem just kind of slipped in to that mode from the beginning
​* You seem to enjoy writing descriptive , detailed violence - a lot of which is rarely explained the same way twice - do you actually sit around and think of different descriptive phrases ?
             ... No ,not really - that sounds a little too UnaBomberish , but I see the point of the question ( laughs ). I think it goes back to the question regarding the accented dialogue - anyone can create a written act of violence , but why not take it a few steps further if your mind is curious in that regard . It's not about being disgusting or disturbing just to come across that way - it has a lot to do with wanting to know what is going through both minds as one stabs , and the other sees and feels the blade slide in to his skin , and beyond . What are those two people thinking as one provides the shock and pain , and the other  has to come to the realization that they are more than likely going to die from bleeding out , or having an organ punctured ? Crawling around in both of those minds at the same time is one of the most challenging aspects a writer can give themselves

* Can you see yourself writing something other than Horror any time in the future ?
              ... Yes , I have a few ideas - but most of those are screenplays , or even a few TV Shows , I don't know if I could ever write a full non-Horror related novel , the interest just wouldn't be there at this point anyway . I DO have an idea for a fun “Summer Novel” sometime in the future - we'll see if that ever comes about ...
* Finally , what do you find is the biggest challenge of writing , and most of all FINISHING​ a novel ? It's not an easy accomplishment  , as most aspiring authors will admit to ...
            ... Time mostly , and getting past that first fifty pages . Even when I was working full-time I set aside a few hours a night when I started 37 Planes - staying up until two , or three a.m. pretty much every night , my goal was five to ten pages a night . The most challenging aspect is to keep the inner drive going - keep the gears grinding away on that story that's in your head , and having the patience to type it out one word at a time . Another thing is being able to sit for hours , and days at a time - clacking away ... it's a solitary existence , and you have to be able to handle that . That's why I need background noise like movies on the TV , or especially watching football on Sundays - something about having that chance to look up to something comfortable to the senses , anything other than a white page with black letters for more than a few moments always keeps my mind fresh . What bums me out is that I can't listen to music and write - it's never worked for me as I tend to pay more attention to the music , then I end up playing DJ with my phone . It's easy to stop writing , and let your story end at thirty-something pages - but the thrill of passing page one-hundred , then two-fifty , then that magical plateau of three-hundred ... that's when you really know you're kicking ass , and you're actually going to finish that blip of a thought springing out of nowhere that sat you down , and made you start clicking away to begin with ... pretty awesome feeling ... 

 It was great spending some time with David J Freeman. So inspiring to see and talk with a local Whittierite doing what he loves to do. I really hope you grab David's latest book and even David's previous two books. Thank you David it was a pleasure and I can't wait to finish your book. I have never read a novel of 700 pages but if you were able to write it I will be able to read it.
Congrats on such a great accomplishment. 
Book signing at Puffy Taco in Whittier
Showing support for DJF awesome dude!




Tuesday, July 29, 2014

3rd Annual Elvis Extravaganza

I was shopping in Uptown Whittier the other day and while I was in Spitfire Interiors I was handed a really nice flyer. It was high gloss and double sided with Elvis on the front cover. The flyer read "3rd Annual Elvis Extravaganza," as I read on it said it was going down at the Whittier Center Theatre? After I did a double take the next thought that came to mind was "Man, that is genius!" Naturally I had to find and meet the man behind this great idea. I saw from the flyer his name was Eddie Stephens. I dropped Eddie an email and not to long after that we were on the phone chopping it up. I have to say it was like a peanut butter and banana sandwich, we hit if off pretty good!

Tickets are moving fast grab yours today!

Eddie is a Whittier resident and helps with the Concert in the Park series here in Whittier. We decided to meet up at Parnell Park on a Thursday night and the park was slammed with people. It was Mariachi night and Whittier came out in full force. When I finally found parking I gave Eddie a call and told him I had arrived. The great thing was in a sea of people I spotted Eddie immediately even though I had never met him I knew it was him. We shook hands like old friends and started talking. 

"This Elvis Show is a dream coming to life"

I had to ask Eddie how he came up with the idea to put on an Elvis Tribute here in Whittier. He explained how music is his life. Eddie turned pro at age 16 and has never looked back. He has a touring band and also plays in a Morrissey cover band, I knew I liked this kid! He talked about being raised on Elvis music and respecting Elvis and the man he was. "If Elvis was walking down the street and you said you liked his necklace he would literally take it off from around his neck and insist that you take it. That was the kind of man Elvis was. Not to many people understand just how charitable he was." Eddie talks about Elvis with a tone that only a legend deserves. "This show is a dream come true." Eddie wants the whole family and people of all ages to come out and enjoy this show.

"Before Elvis there was nothing." Eddie Stephens
Contact Eddie at 

The first two tribute shows well but he thought why not do it here in his hometown. Personally I can feel the concert vibe mounting. Having it go down at the Whittier Community Theatre is almost to good to be true. Eddie says "It is so hard to find a legit, respectful Elvis show and that is what we do. This is going to be a hot show man." I believe him. He wants to introduce Elvis to different generations and entertain them as the king once did. After spending some time with Eddie I have no doubt this will be the new home of the Elvis Tribute Extravaganza. So slick back your hair and put on your best because 
Elvis will be in Whittier August 30th 2014 

It will be a night to remember. 

With my interest peaked I also had to reach out to Eli Williams he will be performing as Elvis "Concert Years" Eli is from Canada and could not be a nicer dude. He is really excited about flying all then way out to Whittier, California to throw down for us. Eli has toured North America over the last 7 years and admits he fell in love with Elvis by accident. While in High School he was peer pressured in to performing an Elvis song at the school talent show and he won! At 17 he was rocking the pomp and fat collard shirts with no shame. He fell in love with Elvis and performing live. He appreciated the call and looks forward to seeing everyone. 

With all of that being said meeting and talking with these guys was so great. Putting passion and dreams in to action simply has to be respected. Doing things like this adds so much energy and color to the city of Whittier's landscape. My hat is off to you Eddie thank you for putting this whole thing together. I really believe this will be the start of something super great.

3rd Annual Elvis Extravaganza
Saturday August 30, 2014
Whittier Center Theatre
7630 S Washington Ave Whittier CA 90602
Doors: 7pm Show Starts at 7:30

I hope you all come out and experience this show there is no doubt it will be a good time.

Special thanks to Eddie and Eli for taking the time to talk with me. I really appreciate it.

Friday, June 27, 2014


      So a few weeks ago I am driving along near my old house on Washington Blvd and Sorenson St and I see a sign that says “FRESH BAGELS” so naturally I did a double take. I had to investigate further so I pulled in to the parking lot and low and behold I see another sign that read New York Bagels LA Wholesale Bagel Company! I was excited there hasn't been anything this good in this part of town in quite some time. The buildings in this area have have been empty or occupied by the same tenants forever. This adds a much needed shot in the arm for the area. There is a bagel place in Los Angeles called Brooklyn Bagels that I am really fond of and this place reminds me of that place. Now I have my very own “ Bagel Spot” right here in Whittier! I walked in and started talking with the staff and President and they could not have been more accommodating. Such a great family owned business. Naturally I grabbed the Jalapeno & Cheese Bagel and after one bite I was hooked. So fresh, so good, it was just delicious.  My Whittier always tries to give the Whittier people more than just a recommendation I want to fill you in on the details of a place so that you know what the deal is when you go check this place out.

11832 E Washington Blvd

New York Bagels LA, LLC is a wholesaler and distributor of the “best boiled bagel” in Southern California.  We are located in the Santa Fe Springs/Whittier, CA with the ability to deliver fresh or frozen bagels. 

 Open to the Public: To Pre-Order or for Catering, please call 562-945-6900, fax 562-945-3900 or email newyorkbagelsla@aol.com.

New York Bagels LA offers:

NY Style Boiled Bagels which is a "Hard Texture" Bagel
California Bagels Medium Texture
Steamed Bagels Soft Texture

These delicious bagels and bread products maintain their traditional taste because the dough is mixed and prepared by in house artisan bakers who have over 15 years of experience. 

Chef Jean hard at work preparing the fresh
cream cheese that is made on site daily

If you are a company or restaurant looking for a wholesale option here are some details. Why not give your customers / employees the very best.  Hand crafted bagels that are made daily and delivered fresh to your business. What makes New York Bagels LA bagels unique?  They are chewy, puffy and great tasting because of their unique artisan recipe. They offer 3 oz. and 4 oz. bagels as well as other bread products.  

Please call Sales Manager, Johan Cisneros at 323-547-8094 or email jacnewyorkbagelsla@hotmail.com for pricing information.  Excellent customer service and pricing guaranteed.

Amazing Jalapeno Bagels made fresh daily!
You won't find a better one in Whittier

 New York Bagels L.A. is a family owned company that has specialized in making the best quality bagels since 2007. The company was founded in Northern California and was known as New York Bagels, Inc. distributing to bagel shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, schools and markets. Now you can enjoy that same delicious quality here, in Southern California with the new location - 
New York Bagels LA in Santa Fe Springs/Whittier area.

Self serve racks just waiting for you!
I love the smell of Fresh Bagels in the
Don't forget to ask for your My Whittier Sticker. Free with purchase while supplies last.

I haven't been this excited about a new place in a really long time. I think this place is going to do really well. So far people have been very happy with the quality and taste of these delicious bagels. Like I said before the customer service is great and straight from the heart. They are continuing to add to the shop and in time you might even be able to eat your bagel there in house. Also stay tuned NEW sandwich bagels will be making their way to the menu very soon!

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday: 7am - 2:30pm
Saturday - 7:30am - 2:30pm
Sunday - 7am - 2:30

Make sure and check out the old website for the company in Northern Cal

Special thanks to everyone at New York Bagels LA it has been a pleasure speaking with you and experiencing your great start here in Whittier / SFS. There is nothing like watching someone's dream unfold and in this case watching a families dream unfold. I support that 100% this place is
Stop by and pay them a visit you will not be disappointed.

Photo Credit to Marialena E. Nice pic!

If you would like My Whittier to pay you a visit please send an email to me@mywhittier.com

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I had to do a short write up about the great time I had last night at the Starlight Cinemas in Uptown Whittier. Every Monday night the Starlight Theater has a "Classic Series" and they show old classic movies from years past. Last nights feature was Goonies from 1985.


It was so great to see so many people come out last night. It was a nice night out and my wife and I arrived at 6:15 for the 7pm showing and the line was already out of control. Unfortunately many people missed out because they sold out of tickets. There was such a fun vibe in the air everyone was so pumped. There is nothing like seeing these old classics on the big screen. 

Chunk Stole the Show!

Starlight does such a great job for the residents of Whittier. It is our only theater in the city and I am proud of our little movie theater in Whittier. It was a great time for all I just had to mention that. If you are looking to do something fun on Mondays look in to the Classic Series at the Starlight. 

Looking forward to the next great Classic!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Casket & Monument Co.

Wife, mother, Confidant and friend. These are just a few words that flashed in my mind when I met and shook hands with Heather Kobler of The Casket & Monument Co. for the first time.

Heather Kobler

I can’t even count the number of times I have driven passed The Casket & Monument Company over the years. Many of us drive by and see the caskets in the windows and think “Yeah I know I need to think about that one day but that one day isn't right now.” Before you know it you drive right past and you never give it another thought. Nobody wants to address the big pink elephant in the room. So when Heather Kobler contacted me and asked if I would come down and pay her a visit my interest was definitely piqued. I had never been inside the Casket & Monument Company so why not drop by? 

The Casket & Monument Co.
13131 E Whittier Blvd
Whittier, CA 90602

I walked in on a Monday for the first time ever and immediately saw Heather working with a family. I introduced myself and we shook hands. She put me at ease and asked me to give her a few minutes. I waited for her as she finished up her appointment. As I walked around the showroom and looked at all of the different caskets and literature pertaining to the inevitable I thought to myself "Am I in the right place?”
Heather finished up with her appointment and approached me with a welcoming smile and we sat down and started talking. One minute in to our conversation I quickly realized that this would not be a blog piece on Caskets & Monuments. This was going to be a story about a woman in Whittier who really, really cares about helping others. This wasn't going to be weird after all, YES! 

You can't put a price tag on
Peace of Mind

After spending some time with Heather it was clear to me that being married for 47 years and mother to five “wonderful” children Petty, Jamie, Happy, Kurt & Alisan is her most rewarding accomplishment. She told me stories of a 47 year love affair that unfolded right here in Whittier. She glows when talking about her husband “We were absolutely crazy for each other” she says. She also follows the wonderful story with a somber ending to the love affair as she put it “My husband passed on a Sunday morning without warning.” She leans forward and says "It was the hardest day in my life but I made one phone call and I was done.” Meaning that she and her husband had planned ahead many years ago for this very event. She attributes that to the love they had for each other. "He is still taking care of me even though he is not here."  When a loved one passes Heather believes with all of her heart that the focus should be with family. Our focus should be on crying, healing and loving one another not trying to figure out what the heck to do next. Heather's many years of life and work experience can guide you and help you come up with the right plan for you and your loved ones.

Heather's Helpful Tips on Pre-Need Plans for Loved Ones:

·         Don’t be afraid to talk about it. It is a fact of life that we will all reach the end of our journey so why not be pro-active and plan ahead.
·         Educate yourself. There are so many misconceptions about this process it is so good to learn what can and can’t be done. You would be shocked at how much you can learn.
·         Make decisions when you are of sound mind. So many times we make these very important decisions under duress. This makes for rushed decisions, in fighting with relatives etc.
·         Do it today because we are not granted tomorrow.

It was so great spending time with Heather. Where most people have a hard time talking about this subject she makes it very easy and explains the process in terms we can all understand. We will never know when it is our time to sign off so why not plan ahead? Knowing your loved ones are going to be taken care of really gives you peace of mind. It truly is priceless. After meeting Heather I understand how important it is to plan and just how important it is to love. Love the people you hold close everyday because we are not guaranteed tomorrow. 

Contact Heather 
Mon - Fri 11:00am - 4:00pm

  • Cemetery Property available up to 50% off
  • Affordable Caskets, Burial Vaults, Granite & Bronze Markers
  • Mortuary Referrals, Catering, Motor Escorts, Limosines
  • Pre-Need Funeral Insurance
  • Memorial Products, Prayer Cards, Photographic Collages, Guest Book & More

Thank you Heather.

If you have a business and you would like me to pay you a visit please send me an email

Friday, May 16, 2014


So here is the scene. There are 10 promising business owners and they are all standing in a row. They are all asked to look to the right and to the left of each other. They are then told "half of you will be out of business within the first year". The other five are told "You will be damn lucky if you last 3 years." This is the harsh reality of business today. But there are exceptions to every rule. When the stars align with talent, product and vision. When you have the ability and business scents to make your dream a reality you then have the microscopic chance to be in business for 14 years!

Yep 14 big ones and that is what SPITFIRE INTERIORS has been able to accomplish


Spitfire Interiors
12907 Philadelphia St, Whittier CA
Whittier's Best Kept Secret

"The Gruesome Twosome" Manny and Laurie Cordova took a leap of faith in 2001 and upstarted their dream of having their own shop. It started out with a small space in back of an old Hobby Shop on Philadelphia St. in Whittier, California. They were selling custom made "Rock N Roll" Furniture and at the time most people thought they were nuts. After a short amount time they started to hit their stride and "it was really working!" All of the sudden the hobby shop owner they were sub leasing from decided he wanted out because his biz wasn't doing well. The Gruesome Twosome went in to panic mode and talked the owner in to trading places with them and took over the front of the shop. Eventually the hobby dude left and they were able to take over the entire space. They have never looked back, Laurie admits "it hasn't been easy and we have made a lot of sacrifices" but they would never trade it for anything. This family run business is alive and well going strong for 14 years and counting. Laurie's love for Classic Monsters coupled with Manny's artistic ability, love for music and the Punk Rock scene created the perfect storm. It is a shop that reflects who they are and that is as unique as you can get!

Unique and original. They were the first to do it in Whittier and they do it like no other. Spitfire Interiors customer base is world wide and their unique style has really stood the test of time. In my opinion It is more relevant now that it ever was.

Monster Candles in shop

Spitfire Interior has custom made items just for you. Manny does custom furniture pieces and Laurie's long time love for Classic Monsters ensure that they always stock the best and hard to find items in the genre. Laurie says when people come in and see the store for the first time they always say "How long have you been here?" She says "Since 2001" and they follow with "I have lived in Whittier forever I never knew this was here!"

One of a kind items at
Spitfire Interiors 

Yes folks it is here come and check it out. The design of the store alone is worth a visit or shop online.

Manny is one of the best Pinstripers around
and he does baddass custom signage 

When you do something for the love of it you can't lose. I say this because I have met the owners Manny, Laurie and Daughter Amelia and when you meet them you immediately understand why they have been in business as long as they have. Down to earth, super cool and very helpful stop by and say hello you will be glad you did! Whittier's own Spitfire Interiors.

Come and visit the Gruesome Twosome :)

Spitfire Interiors has such a variety of items. Everything from sunglasses, original jewelry, unique candles, Monster T shirts, Men's hats, accessories, one of a kind furniture items, original art work from artists local and non local. Wallets, bathroom decor, shoes, kid tees.

Ton's of great T shirts, They even carry
My Whittier hats & Tees

 Handbags, throw pillows. Kitchen Decor, Women's Pomade, custom wall art & signs. Do yourself a favor and go check them out. 

Hand backs that accessorize who you really are

Once again I am so thankful that we have great business owners in Whittier that bring originality and add to the business landscape of our city. We have so many small business's and restaurants to be proud of here in Whittier. Keep an eye out for future blogs and if you have a chance get out and frequent all of our awesome establishments here in Whittier.

Spitfire Shop Hours

Tuesday-Saturday: 12 - 8:00pm
Sunday: 12 - 6:00pm

Special Thanks

The Cordova Family
I appreciate you guys taking the time to speak with me when I drop by and always offering the best in customer service. My wife also thank you because I always find her the best gifts here at your store!

My Whittier Approved!