Saturday, February 1, 2014


Well her it goes my first blog post of 2014. 

This year has started off with a bang just like so many of you I to have been busy trying to get the year off to a great start. I have been keeping my eyes, ears and taste buds open for all of the great things going on in Whittier. Getting through the holidays was a major challenge this year with so much going on. So many tamales to eat, so much shopping to do, making sure time was spent with family and friends. At the end of it all I had a massive holiday hangover. Holiday hangover for me usually comes with a case of writers block. So as I make my way around the city I am always looking for inspiration.

It was late afternoon on a Wednesday on Bright St. when I decided to stop by one of Whittier's newest stores LOCAL FIXTURE. I can honestly tell you before I even walked through the front door I was hit with a rush of inspiration and good vibes. As I stepped foot inside my inspiration and good vibes were met with immediate creative respect for the owners that put this place together. I thought to myself "Oh shit these guys have something here."

Come in and experience Local Fixture


As I slowly made my way around the store my admiration for the design of this place grew. They have a large pool table to the left and it sits there not as a prop but sitting there almost asking you to rack em and get a game going. A Leather couch and large leather chair sit next to the pool table for lounging. This place is a great spot to touch base with a friend before you head over to Phlight for dinner. Maybe you want to have a casual business meeting or work on your tablet, this place would be perfect for that. With all of that going on the "Fine" items for sale still have a strong presence without intimidating you. There are no pushy sales people, in fact when I was approached by the person running the shop she offered me a complimentary cup of Stumptown coffee. Now that was cool thanks Andrea you were super helpful!

Rack em!

LOCAL FIXTURE offers you a place to shop for fine goods and makes you feel comfortable doing that. It is a place where you can be visually stimulated and totally comfortable in your own skin. Come and spend some time here and get creatively motivated and infused with positive energy.

Serving Stumptown Coffee

As I made my way around the showroom I started to appreciate how good it felt to own something nice. Even a middle age dude like myself finds enjoyment shopping for a high end wallet or shaving accessory now and again. I even picked up some after shave balm, no shame when it comes to taking care of your skin. The Local Fixture has a variety of self care products that really do the trick. I am going to stop by again with the wifey and show her a few items that I have my eye on. I can always use a new journal.

Great wallets stop by and take a look

Great selection of shades

LOCAL FIXTURE has something for everyone and then some!

Women; purses & Clutches, Jewelry, Sunglasses, wallets (men & women) Travel & Workbags, diaper bags, Bath Soaps, Body Apothecary, Face & Skin Care, Hand Soaps and Lotios, Eau Parfum, Nail Polish, Socks. Mens; Bags, Luggage, Backpacks, Shaving Skincare, Beard & Mustache, Men's Bath and body, Men's Haircare. Gifts; Arts & Crafts, Bar Accessories, Kitchenware, Candles, Decor, Journals, Phone Cases and so much more. Kids and Tot items available as well.

Local Fixture is "My Whittier Approved"
Stumptown Coffee and some After Shave Balm, yeah!

I had the privileged to talk with the owners Jason and David Chung and they could not be nicer guys. I could sense that they are two "stand up" guys that really care about what they are doing and really wanted to put their stamp on this store. They have created a unique experience from the heart and I am really happy to know that there is a store like this here in Whittier. Awesome job guys! 

If shopping isn't your thing you can still pop in here and grab what you want without crazy department store lines. You can hang out on the leather sofa while your wife or girlfriend takes her time looking at bags and sunglasses. Maybe even play some pool while she shops. With Valentine's Day right around the corner don't panic. Stop by the Local Fixture for a unique and thoughtful gift for someone special in your life.

I have to agree with the description of this great store "equal parts store and community hang out". This place is like getting a brand new baseball glove for Christmas. When you get a new baseball glove it looks great it smells great and you love to put it on for a came of catch. Over time you break that glove in until it fits just right and you grow to love it. Local Fixture is Whittier's brand new leather glove, come spend some time here and make it your own.

6728 Bright Ave
Uptown Whittier

Monday: 11am - 6pm

Tuesday - Thursday 11am - 8pm

Friday & Saturday: 11am - 9:30pm

Sunday: Closed


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