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As I like to say "February is in the books" and I thought it would be a cool idea to recap the month. This would be a good way to tie all that is My Whittier in to one tight little blog post. My Whittier has tons of action going on here with the blog and of course with the Facebook page as well as the new website that is always evolving.

Here we go! This is the recap for My Whittier's February 2014

One of the highlights of my life came in February. Some people aspire to be academy award winning actors or maybe even an astronaut or Doctor? One of my dreams was to appear on one of VW Gold Mine's awesome displays. All of us here in Whittier have become accustom to the creative displays Ralph and Gold Mine come up with. We have been fortunate enough to see Octomom, Tiger Woods after the car crash night, Michael Jackson and even Prince Williams baby, classic! So when I saw the display dedicated to My Whittier I was blown away. It will be something I will never forget, dreams do come true. A million thank you's to Ralph and staff for this. 

Ralph Chase and crew opened the doors here at VW Gold Mine in October 1973 and they have been doing business in the city of Whittier ever since! VW Gold Mine has New & Used VW Parts. They encourage you to call and speak with their knowledgeable staff and talk anything VW. They have used cars for sale as well as vintage parts for your special project. As I have said before Gold Mine is part of the fabric of Whittier. Doing things right and consistent year after year after year. So proud to have this establishment in the city of Whittier. Stop by and see them.

Look Mom I made it on to the display at VW Gold Mine! 

Gold Mine
7016 Pickering Ave, Whittier, 90602

We lost some great, talented people in February. You might see me post things like this on my Facebook page. I post things like this because when I was growing up in Whittier music, movies and food played such a huge part in my life. Even now these type of things influence me and inspire me creatively. It wouldn't be right if I didn't pay my respects to these three gentlemen.

Aspire to be great in your own life it's fun.

Harold Ramis
Wrote & Directed Caddyshack
Egon from Ghostbusters

Bob Casale Origianl Member of DEVO

Philip S Hoffman
Ridiculously Talented

Once again February was a great month to remind everyone in Whittier to SHOP SMALL. One of the reasons I started My Whittier was to really get behind my city and champion efforts to help the city thrive. The way I do my part is to shop locally as much as I can. I also eat here in the city very often. Small business intrigues me because I know how much effort goes in to these ventures. So I encourage everyone to help support our local business owners and Shop Small in Whittier.

Whittier has so much to offer.
Have fun and get out there and support
Small Biz in Whittier

The most popular Facebook post I had in February was this picture of Noa Noa Nightclub. If you are a Whittier local that goes way back chances are you had a few cocktails here at Noa Noa's on Greenleaf in Whittier.

More than 7,500 people saw this post. 22 Shares, 65 comments & 247 Likes. It brought back so many memories for a ton of Whittier folks.

Credit goes to the Whittier Digital Archive Website. 

You gotta go WAY back
to remember Noa Noa's!
Greenleaf Ave, Whittier

Two restaurants took center stage in February. I know I sound like a broken record but Phlight is my favorite restaurant in Whittier. I was so happy to take my wife here on Valentine's Day. We had such an amazing meal with amazing drinks and service. It is always right on the money I can't ever get enough. My wife and I were fortunate enough to meet one of the owners Jay Arroyo on this night and what a great dude. Jay if you are out there thank you again man! Super solid gesture and it was so great to finally meet you in person. I hope to get over to Portsmouth in March.

Short Ribs & PBR at Phlight
Does life get any better?

The other great restaurant I had a chance to go to was The Rusty Monk. My wife and I went and had dinner here and we were blown away by the design of this place. It was a great experience all around and we could not have had a better experience. The food, staff and look and feel of this place was top notch. Please check out my blog talking about my visit to the Rusty Monk. I really can't wait to go back it is such a great addition to the city of Whittier and our growing food landscape.

The Rusty Monk
6749 Greenleaf Ave
Uptown Whittier / 562-698-5553

This guy was scene in the Turnbull Canyon area in Feb. Damn it feels like just yesterday I was tuning in to watch the Land of the Lost starring CHAKA!

This little guy was the shit back in the day!
This FB post created a lot of buzz

I was also stoked to grab this Sha Na Na Album for .25 cents this month. I was such a huge fan back in the day. I would wake up on Saturday morning and watch the Sha Na Na show. Bowzer was the man!

This was a cool little tidbit that came in to me from one of our friends of Facebook. This aired on Nickelodeon's cartoon The Fairly Odd Parents. Super Cool!

Whittier is on the map!!

I post a ton of music on my Facebook page. It is my way to put a soundtrack to the page as well as communicate the way I am feeling on a particular day. Music is such a large influence in my life and what I do. The way I think is through music and pictures. Here were a few songs that made an appearance on the My Whittier Facebook page in February.

Radio Head - Creep / Simple Minds - Alive and Kicking / Pixies - Dig for Fire / Depeche Mode - But Not Tonight / Connie - Funky Little Beat / Morrissey - First of the Gang to Die / Doors - Peace Frog / Beach Boys - Don't Worry Baby / Morrissey - Picadilly Palare / The B-52's - Give Me Back My Man / Steve Perry - Foolish Heart

To all of the people that frequent my Facebook page, read my Blog and visit my website I can't thank you enough. The support has been overwhelming and the positive energy that is being created is so great. My goal everyday is to make a difference. making a difference can mean putting a smile on someone's face, promoting one of your events, playing a song you might like or just entertaining you for a few moments.

Thank you I really appreciate it more than you know. Please make the blog and website a frequent stop as I will continue to develop both sites. Feedback is always welcome please drop me a line anytime. You can message me here or at, message me on Facebook as well. Oh and you can also find me on Instagram.

Check out the My Whittier Team Store for great T Shirts, Hats, Buttons and Stickers. Coming in March the new Skateland Bumper Sticker!

March here we come!

* Whittier business owners if you are looking for ad space and a great way to talk directly to the people of Whittier please contact me. I am seeking restaurants looking to offer the people of Whittier exclusive deals.

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