Thursday, February 6, 2014


Well after the long wait Skateland has made it back to WHITTIER! 

No, no, no wait not the actual Skateland it is actually the new SKATELAND Button. Yes if you grew up in Whittier or anywhere near the city of Whittier chances are you skated at Skateland at some point. Backwards, forward, couples, speed skate, over nighters, the Hokie Pokie! It was a huge part of my childhood growing up in the 80's. Even when I wasn't physically there at Skateland just driving by and seeing it from the car was comforting to me for some reason. When you are a kid you never realize that the things you hold close sometimes go away and never come back. So as part of the My Whittier Button Collection I have added the NEW Skateland Button so no one ever forgets. It is a great keep sake that can be passed down to the younger generation as you tell them all of the great stories of Skateland. So check out the
My Whittier Store and grab one today and check out all of the other goodies.

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