Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Rusty Monk

My wife and I have been trying to get to the Rusty Monk for quite some time. This is the new restaurant that opened up late last year. It is located on Greenleaf Ave between Rocky Cola and Uptown 2000. Many of you have driven past wondering "What is that place?"

The Rusty Monk is a Belgian Style Gastropub. I went in to The Rusty Monk not knowing what to expect, no idea. Yes I knew it was a Gastropub and I heard a little bit about it but I was really looking forward to experiencing it on my own without any preconceived notions. When my wife and I walked in I immediately had to take a step back and admire the interior design of this place. Wow. I was in Whittier but I wasn't in Whittier you get me?

The Rusty Monk
6749 Greenleaf Ave
Uptown Whittier / 562-698-5553

It is one thing to open up a restaurant and slap some paint on the walls and get some tables and chairs set up for business. But when I walked in I saw the vision that the owner had and boy did he deliver in spades. Before we even looked at a menu I was already having an experience and I appreciate that shit. The owner Kyle crafted this place like one of the crafted beers on the menu. Bad Ass!


We were greeted immediately by a really accommodating host and she had us seated pretty quick. She sat us down and went over all of the specials. She even asked if we had been there before and welcomed us knowing it was our first time. The place was full and there was a buzz in the air for sure. Soon after that Zack our waiter showed up and he was a true professional.

Zack All Star Waiter at
The Rusty Monk
 I had to give our waiter Zack props this kid has the goods. Thank you for taking great care of my wife and I Zack we will be back to see you soon.

The beer and wine selections are ridiculous in a good way. So many options to choose from we were super stoked with our selections. My wife had the Rusty Monk Ale to go with her Schnitzel dish. Schnitzel is tender pork cutlet lightly breaded, She really enjoyed it. I had the Buffalo Belgian Stout to go with my "Sausages in Love" plate, sausages beer poached & grilled. Everything was really good and like I said before it was an experience. It was an experience here in my own backyard. Here in My Whittier, here in "Our Whittier" do you realize how cool that is!? 

"Sausages in Love"
 Soft Bavarian Pretzel w/ Beer Cheese


My wife and I will be regulars here at
The Rusty Monk

So if you are looking for a unique experience that comes with great service, great drink and "delicious but approachable" dishes come visit the Rusty Monk. It is establishments like this that bring class and creative thinking to the city of Whittier. We are trapped in this "Fast Food" mentality and it is places like this that allow us to stop, converse and enjoy the here and now.

Business Hours:
Tuesday - Sunday 4pm - 10pm
Thursday 4pm - 11pm
Friday & Saturday 4pm - Midnight
HAPPY HOUR 4pm - 6pm Tuesday - Saturday

Special Thanks!

  • To the Staff, thank you for the great service. My wife and I appreciate it.
  • Zack our waiter, thank you for your professionalism and knowledge of the product. Thank you for taking care of our seating issue without blinking an eye.
  • Thank you to the owner Kyle Koestner. What you bring to the city can't be measured and I for one appreciate your all encompassing talent. You bring an element to Whittier that is something to be proud of. With establishments like yours and the other creatives in the area Uptown Whittier is in good hands.

The Rusty Monk = My Whittier Approved!


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