Monday, April 7, 2014


As I get older some memories fade off in to never never land and some stick inside my mind and never go away. There are so many things I don't recall about my childhood but growing up as a small child in Pico Rivera I do remember seeing "The Donut Man" Better known as the Helm's Bakery Man. We lived over by Rivera Elementary School and I remember my mom and sister and all of the neighbors making their way outside when the Donut Man would roll through. Fresh donuts on shelves right inside the car, genius!

I can almost smell the fresh donuts!

When I close my eyes and think about it I can almost smell the fresh donuts. I can see the smile on everyone's face making their way towards the car. It was a simple time back then quality and customer service was the order of the day. Donuts right to your door step what a concept.

Now that I am older I can see a slight "boomerang" effect happening. I think business owners are putting solid efforts in to the look and feel of what they are offering. I also think that they are making real efforts to bring customer service back to the forefront.

Can you imagine it? You wake up on a Sunday morning and you hear the faint ringing of a bell. It's the Donut Man!! You run outside and there he is, he is there parked. His Station Wagon is clean and looks showroom ready. The back is open, the shelves are stocked with fresh donuts, bagels and muffins. We are now in the year 2014 so he now has hot coffee and your Sunday paper. You get your goodies and you are back in your house enjoying your fresh donut, coffee and paper! Hey I can dream can't I?

Taking a lesson from the people who did it before us and did it right is so important. I appreciate the day and age we live in now but bringing concepts from the past and introducing them to our new world would be so great.

Are you the next Donut Person?

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