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So here is the scene. There are 10 promising business owners and they are all standing in a row. They are all asked to look to the right and to the left of each other. They are then told "half of you will be out of business within the first year". The other five are told "You will be damn lucky if you last 3 years." This is the harsh reality of business today. But there are exceptions to every rule. When the stars align with talent, product and vision. When you have the ability and business scents to make your dream a reality you then have the microscopic chance to be in business for 14 years!

Yep 14 big ones and that is what SPITFIRE INTERIORS has been able to accomplish

Spitfire Interiors
12907 Philadelphia St, Whittier CA
Whittier's Best Kept Secret

"The Gruesome Twosome" Manny and Laurie Cordova took a leap of faith in 2001 and upstarted their dream of having their own shop. It started out with a small space in back of an old Hobby Shop on Philadelphia St. in Whittier, California. They were selling custom made "Rock N Roll" Furniture and at the time most people thought they were nuts. After a short amount time they started to hit their stride and "it was really working!" All of the sudden the hobby shop owner they were sub leasing from decided he wanted out because his biz wasn't doing well. The Gruesome Twosome went in to panic mode and talked the owner in to trading places with them and took over the front of the shop. Eventually the hobby dude left and they were able to take over the entire space. They have never looked back, Laurie admits "it hasn't been easy and we have made a lot of sacrifices" but they would never trade it for anything. This family run business is alive and well going strong for 14 years and counting. Laurie's love for Classic Monsters coupled with Manny's artistic ability, love for music and the Punk Rock scene created the perfect storm. It is a shop that reflects who they are and that is as unique as you can get!

Unique and original. They were the first to do it in Whittier and they do it like no other. Spitfire Interiors customer base is world wide and their unique style has really stood the test of time. In my opinion It is more relevant now that it ever was.

Monster Candles in shop

Spitfire Interior has custom made items just for you. Manny does custom furniture pieces and Laurie's long time love for Classic Monsters ensure that they always stock the best and hard to find items in the genre. Laurie says when people come in and see the store for the first time they always say "How long have you been here?" She says "Since 2001" and they follow with "I have lived in Whittier forever I never knew this was here!"

One of a kind items at
Spitfire Interiors 

Yes folks it is here come and check it out. The design of the store alone is worth a visit or shop online.

Manny is one of the best Pinstripers around
and he does baddass custom signage 

When you do something for the love of it you can't lose. I say this because I have met the owners Manny, Laurie and Daughter Amelia and when you meet them you immediately understand why they have been in business as long as they have. Down to earth, super cool and very helpful stop by and say hello you will be glad you did! Whittier's own Spitfire Interiors.

Come and visit the Gruesome Twosome :)

Spitfire Interiors has such a variety of items. Everything from sunglasses, original jewelry, unique candles, Monster T shirts, Men's hats, accessories, one of a kind furniture items, original art work from artists local and non local. Wallets, bathroom decor, shoes, kid tees.

Ton's of great T shirts, They even carry
My Whittier hats & Tees

 Handbags, throw pillows. Kitchen Decor, Women's Pomade, custom wall art & signs. Do yourself a favor and go check them out. 

Hand backs that accessorize who you really are

Once again I am so thankful that we have great business owners in Whittier that bring originality and add to the business landscape of our city. We have so many small business's and restaurants to be proud of here in Whittier. Keep an eye out for future blogs and if you have a chance get out and frequent all of our awesome establishments here in Whittier.

Spitfire Shop Hours

Tuesday-Saturday: 12 - 8:00pm
Sunday: 12 - 6:00pm

Special Thanks

The Cordova Family
I appreciate you guys taking the time to speak with me when I drop by and always offering the best in customer service. My wife also thank you because I always find her the best gifts here at your store!

My Whittier Approved!

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