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      So a few weeks ago I am driving along near my old house on Washington Blvd and Sorenson St and I see a sign that says “FRESH BAGELS” so naturally I did a double take. I had to investigate further so I pulled in to the parking lot and low and behold I see another sign that read New York Bagels LA Wholesale Bagel Company! I was excited there hasn't been anything this good in this part of town in quite some time. The buildings in this area have have been empty or occupied by the same tenants forever. This adds a much needed shot in the arm for the area. There is a bagel place in Los Angeles called Brooklyn Bagels that I am really fond of and this place reminds me of that place. Now I have my very own “ Bagel Spot” right here in Whittier! I walked in and started talking with the staff and President and they could not have been more accommodating. Such a great family owned business. Naturally I grabbed the Jalapeno & Cheese Bagel and after one bite I was hooked. So fresh, so good, it was just delicious.  My Whittier always tries to give the Whittier people more than just a recommendation I want to fill you in on the details of a place so that you know what the deal is when you go check this place out.

11832 E Washington Blvd

New York Bagels LA, LLC is a wholesaler and distributor of the “best boiled bagel” in Southern California.  We are located in the Santa Fe Springs/Whittier, CA with the ability to deliver fresh or frozen bagels. 

 Open to the Public: To Pre-Order or for Catering, please call 562-945-6900, fax 562-945-3900 or email

New York Bagels LA offers:

NY Style Boiled Bagels which is a "Hard Texture" Bagel
California Bagels Medium Texture
Steamed Bagels Soft Texture

These delicious bagels and bread products maintain their traditional taste because the dough is mixed and prepared by in house artisan bakers who have over 15 years of experience. 

Chef Jean hard at work preparing the fresh
cream cheese that is made on site daily

If you are a company or restaurant looking for a wholesale option here are some details. Why not give your customers / employees the very best.  Hand crafted bagels that are made daily and delivered fresh to your business. What makes New York Bagels LA bagels unique?  They are chewy, puffy and great tasting because of their unique artisan recipe. They offer 3 oz. and 4 oz. bagels as well as other bread products.  

Please call Sales Manager, Johan Cisneros at 323-547-8094 or email for pricing information.  Excellent customer service and pricing guaranteed.

Amazing Jalapeno Bagels made fresh daily!
You won't find a better one in Whittier

 New York Bagels L.A. is a family owned company that has specialized in making the best quality bagels since 2007. The company was founded in Northern California and was known as New York Bagels, Inc. distributing to bagel shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, schools and markets. Now you can enjoy that same delicious quality here, in Southern California with the new location - 
New York Bagels LA in Santa Fe Springs/Whittier area.

Self serve racks just waiting for you!
I love the smell of Fresh Bagels in the
Don't forget to ask for your My Whittier Sticker. Free with purchase while supplies last.

I haven't been this excited about a new place in a really long time. I think this place is going to do really well. So far people have been very happy with the quality and taste of these delicious bagels. Like I said before the customer service is great and straight from the heart. They are continuing to add to the shop and in time you might even be able to eat your bagel there in house. Also stay tuned NEW sandwich bagels will be making their way to the menu very soon!

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday: 7am - 2:30pm
Saturday - 7:30am - 2:30pm
Sunday - 7am - 2:30

Make sure and check out the old website for the company in Northern Cal

Special thanks to everyone at New York Bagels LA it has been a pleasure speaking with you and experiencing your great start here in Whittier / SFS. There is nothing like watching someone's dream unfold and in this case watching a families dream unfold. I support that 100% this place is
Stop by and pay them a visit you will not be disappointed.

Photo Credit to Marialena E. Nice pic!

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