Tuesday, July 29, 2014

3rd Annual Elvis Extravaganza

I was shopping in Uptown Whittier the other day and while I was in Spitfire Interiors I was handed a really nice flyer. It was high gloss and double sided with Elvis on the front cover. The flyer read "3rd Annual Elvis Extravaganza," as I read on it said it was going down at the Whittier Center Theatre? After I did a double take the next thought that came to mind was "Man, that is genius!" Naturally I had to find and meet the man behind this great idea. I saw from the flyer his name was Eddie Stephens. I dropped Eddie an email and not to long after that we were on the phone chopping it up. I have to say it was like a peanut butter and banana sandwich, we hit if off pretty good!

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Eddie is a Whittier resident and helps with the Concert in the Park series here in Whittier. We decided to meet up at Parnell Park on a Thursday night and the park was slammed with people. It was Mariachi night and Whittier came out in full force. When I finally found parking I gave Eddie a call and told him I had arrived. The great thing was in a sea of people I spotted Eddie immediately even though I had never met him I knew it was him. We shook hands like old friends and started talking. 

"This Elvis Show is a dream coming to life"

I had to ask Eddie how he came up with the idea to put on an Elvis Tribute here in Whittier. He explained how music is his life. Eddie turned pro at age 16 and has never looked back. He has a touring band and also plays in a Morrissey cover band, I knew I liked this kid! He talked about being raised on Elvis music and respecting Elvis and the man he was. "If Elvis was walking down the street and you said you liked his necklace he would literally take it off from around his neck and insist that you take it. That was the kind of man Elvis was. Not to many people understand just how charitable he was." Eddie talks about Elvis with a tone that only a legend deserves. "This show is a dream come true." Eddie wants the whole family and people of all ages to come out and enjoy this show.

"Before Elvis there was nothing." Eddie Stephens
Contact Eddie at 

The first two tribute shows well but he thought why not do it here in his hometown. Personally I can feel the concert vibe mounting. Having it go down at the Whittier Community Theatre is almost to good to be true. Eddie says "It is so hard to find a legit, respectful Elvis show and that is what we do. This is going to be a hot show man." I believe him. He wants to introduce Elvis to different generations and entertain them as the king once did. After spending some time with Eddie I have no doubt this will be the new home of the Elvis Tribute Extravaganza. So slick back your hair and put on your best because 
Elvis will be in Whittier August 30th 2014 

It will be a night to remember. 

With my interest peaked I also had to reach out to Eli Williams he will be performing as Elvis "Concert Years" Eli is from Canada and could not be a nicer dude. He is really excited about flying all then way out to Whittier, California to throw down for us. Eli has toured North America over the last 7 years and admits he fell in love with Elvis by accident. While in High School he was peer pressured in to performing an Elvis song at the school talent show and he won! At 17 he was rocking the pomp and fat collard shirts with no shame. He fell in love with Elvis and performing live. He appreciated the call and looks forward to seeing everyone. 

With all of that being said meeting and talking with these guys was so great. Putting passion and dreams in to action simply has to be respected. Doing things like this adds so much energy and color to the city of Whittier's landscape. My hat is off to you Eddie thank you for putting this whole thing together. I really believe this will be the start of something super great.

3rd Annual Elvis Extravaganza
Saturday August 30, 2014
Whittier Center Theatre
7630 S Washington Ave Whittier CA 90602
Doors: 7pm Show Starts at 7:30

I hope you all come out and experience this show there is no doubt it will be a good time.

Special thanks to Eddie and Eli for taking the time to talk with me. I really appreciate it.

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