Monday, September 15, 2014

Portsmouth Whittier California

I have lived in Whittier for quite some time as you all know. I have seen things come and I have seen them go. It seems a new restaurant opens every other week. Mexican food, Italian food, burgers and dogs, pizza. Hey don't get me wrong if it's good you know I am there with bells on. But I haven't been "WOWED" in a very, very, very long time.

That was until I went to Portsmouth on Friday September 12, 2014

13103 Penn St
Whittier, CA 90602
It was Friday night and my wife and I decided earlier in the week that it was going to be a Portsmouth Friday night. Sea food, pork belly tacos, oysters and Craft Beer. Hey after a long week of work we can all appreciate and enjoy good food and drink right?
Always check the board for specials
when you visit Portsmouth
Stop by for Happy Hour great deals on Oysters and Drinks! 

When I walk in to Portsmouth I  always appreciate the simplistic but highly artistic design and atmosphere. The patrons in sync with the design create the ambiance here at Portsmouth. Once the beer gets poured and fresh oysters are being shucked. Music is playing in the background, glasses are clinging, people are talking about their day and just like that you get mentally
transported to a zen like place.
The smells are amazing in here and I love it!

We had so many amazing dishes that night. I started with Oysters, followed with the seared scallops. My wife had the show stopping enchiladas hands down her new favorite dish on the menu.

Seared scallops were freaking amazing!

I have been here a hand full of times but this was the first night that Portsmouth felt like it had been here for years. It felt like I was in grade school again wearing fresh white slip on Vans and someone walked right up and stomped on top of my shoe, "Baptized!" Its like your favorite cooking pan at home that gets used so much that it's perfectly seasoned. Portsmouth is hitting it's stride and it is real good to see and taste. Portsmouth is here to stay mark my words.

Fresh Oysters!!
If you love food and amazing selections of beer and wine you absolutely have to come to Portsmouth and enjoy dinner and drinks in Beautiful Whittier California. Chef Daniel's imagination and skill will take you places you have never been. Right here in Whittier's backyard.
Portsmouth is our new BFF!

After our meal was over and we thought the night could not get any better Chef Daniel treated us to dessert. When I tell you I had an outer body experience when I tasted Chef Daniels bread pudding I am being dead serious! The first bite was pure bliss I looked at my wife with my eyes wide open and she just smiled and shook her head yes. If you just go to Portsmouth for this dessert it would be well worth the trip. Trust me when I tell you this could be the best tasting dessert I have ever had.

When I met Chef and shook his hand
the first thing I said was "How did you do that man"
referring to the bread pudding!

To Chef Daniel and staff I hope you can feel the gratitude in my simple words. You guys are doing something special. I appreciate the hospitality and fantastic customer service every time I come in. Chef, my wife and I were humbled and extremely happy to eat the food you prepared for us. You are an amazing Chef and you were so kind to show us around. Thank you so much!
Chef Daniel is so talented.
Stop by and say hello.


Monday - Thursday 5pm - 10pm
Friday & Saturday 5pm - 11pm
Sunday 12noon - 4pm / 5pm - 10pm
 If you are a Whittier resident I encourage you to get out and experience the shops and restaurants in town. It supports our community and they offer amazing services.


  1. Right on! Portsmouth is emerging as one of the sexiest spots to dine in Whittier. Chef Daniel Salcido and the team at Portsmouth keep us intrigued with new creations inspired by Mexican traditional ingredients, high-quality oysters, stellar wines, and local and international craft beers. Salud to Portsmouth.

  2. I agree Oscar like I said this place is really clicking! Love the vibe and yes Chef Daniel is on his game. A must try in Whittier.