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Top 3 Bowls of Menudo in Whittier

Okay you have to admit when I say the word Menudo most people either don't know what the heck it is and then when you tell them they wish they never knew what it was to begin with. There is also that small majority that still thinks of Ricky Martin headlining the group Menudo in the 80's. But no I am speaking of the wonderful Mexican soup not the singing group.

Menudo is a Mexican soup usually prepared by your grandma, mom or aunt Cucka although I have known of a few Uncles and Dads who know how to throw down in the kitchen and produce a great bowl of Menudo as well. Making a great bowl of Menudo comes from the heart. The preparation for this soup is not easy and takes time, effort and love. My mom's Menudo is second to none made with love and perfect every time. She treats her Menudo like a nurse would treat a patient. She cleans and preps the meat and make sure it is super clean. (This is a a key to great Menudo, no half steppin on the cleaning) She stays up all night making sure the temperature doesn't get to high or to low, skimming the foam off the top, Sleeping with one eye open just in case. The finished product is always off of the charts served with tortillas, beans and chorizo on the side. Once you dig in to this type of meal it is bye, bye hangover! Mom is the reason I love this dish but mom's kitchen is making Menudo every Sunday so I am always on the hunt for that delicious bowl of Menudo in Whittier.

The Queen of Menudo my Mom.

So as you can imagine I have had many, many bowls of Menudo in my life some good, some bad and some we don't need to talk about. I am going to give you my personal Top 3 best bowls of Menudo in Whittier. You can rank these how you want but these are my Top 3

Most people you ask about great Menudo in Whittier will always tell you SUPER BURRITO is the place to go. Located on Whittier Blvd Super Burrito has been a crowd pleaser for quite some time. Over the years Super B has perfected the art of Menudo serving this tasty dish 7 days a week. Seving this dish is a commitment by anyone's standards wouldn't you agree? I mean where else can you turn when it is a Tuesday and you just need to have a bowl of Menudo?

On Sunday mornings if you drive by early enough you will see the Super Burrito faithful in line outside waiting to fill their pots full of Super B Menudo. That is always a good sign and that is why Super Burrito is in my Top 3. Nice job guys I always enjoy eating at Super Burrito.

Always served with all of the fixins you will need
Super Burrito does it right

Next up Mary's Tortilleria also on Whittier Blvd. This place will blow your mind a small unsuspecting tortilleria / deli is top notch. Mary's serves a really nice bowl of Menudo it has a tasty, spicy red broth that is right on point.

10608 Whittier Blvd

If you don't like spicy broth you are still going to be okay it doesn't go over the line in my opinion BUT my tolerance for spicy food is pretty high. Served with fresh tortillas made in house Mary's is hard to beat. If you like to keep it real and haven't tried Mary's get up early one morning and dig in. It is a small dining area and can get a little crowded at times but its worth the experience.
see video below

Jack's Diner in Whittier has been making people happy since 1933 and making me happy since the late 70's. I can almost guarantee Jack's wasn't serving Menudo back then. Now when most Whittier peeps think of Jack's they think of the delicious chicken dinner or maybe steak and eggs for breakfast? How about a large stack of pancakes or a slice of pie? Biscuits and gravy?

13221 Whittuer Blvd
Since 1933

Yes me to but I am here to tell you that Jack's Diner is currently serving the best bowl of Menudo in Whittier. I know you die hards out there are shaking your head saying, "What the hell is this dude talking about?" So let me repeat myself, Jack's Diner on Whittier Blvd is currently serving the best bowl of Menudo in town. Served any way you want it, lot's of meat, light meat, lot's of soup, light soup? You name it and they will give it to you just like you ask. Oh and if you want to go next level order a chorizo burrito on the side they even have that on point.

Jack's Diner is knocking it out of the park
with their Menudo. This was my bowl served with 4 corn torts

So there it is my current Top 3 Best places to grab a great bowl of Menudo. If you have a place you think is great and would recommend please feel free to drop me a line. I would love to hear your suggestions and give your place a try.

Honorable mentions: These are some really good places to try as well 

  • La Moderna Bakery - Although you can't eat here you can pick up a great bowl of Menudo here at La Moderna. Always good you just have to make sure you there nice and early to get your pot filled. 8035 1/2 Norwalk Blvd
  • Casa Jimenez - I really enjoy Casa Jimenez and they make a good bowl of Menudo as well. Not in my Top 3 but I do enjoy this restaurant and eat here often. 11250 Whittier Blvd
  • Greenleaf Cafe - I used to enjoy this place a lot more back in the day but as I understand you can still grab a decent bowl. 7203 Greenleaf Ave 562-693-2337
  • Uptown Mexican Cafe - You know what? I really enjoy the All You Can Eat buffet on Sundays. Some people give this place a bad rap but I have always enjoyed it every time I have gone. 7040 Greenleaf Ave 562-945-5877

Thanks for reading my blog I hope you enjoyed it. Please do me a solid and get out and enjoy everything Whittier has to offer. We have so many great places to shop and eat and many of these places are run by people just like you and me. So go out and have a great time and like I said before if you have a place that you would like me to try out drop me a line either here or direct at

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  1. I used to completely agree. Jacks was my go to spot. Go try it again. They changed the recipe and it sucks!! Bad!