Tuesday, April 28, 2015


My wife woke me up Saturday morning at 6:30am because we were going to hit an Estate Sale up in Spy Glass and some Yard Sales in the area. I am always a little groggy at that time of day but once I have some coffee and get washed up I am good to go! Unfortunately the Estate Sale was a bust but we did find another one by chance and also had some luck with some local block sales. Woo hoo Danbrook St. you guys really hooked up the deals this weekend. After pounding the streets for deals my wife and I needed to refuel and decided to grab some breakfast at Forkingood Cafe in Uptown Whittier.

6744 Greenleaf Ave
We walked in around 9am and it was a cold, cloudy morning it was the kind of morning that called for comfy chairs and damn good coffee. Thank goodness Forkingood had both.

Cappuccino and Mexican Chocolate coffee was
right on point!
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The ambiance is stellar but I will say this you will instantly "get it" or you won't. It is a very unique and original set up and I really dig it. In a world where everything seems to be the same and creative expression is at an all time low Forkingood is the perfect piece to a developing puzzle in Uptown Whittier.
Green Chili Soyrizo Fritatta
My Wife Loved It

Based on my visit I can tell you that my wife and I appreciated the fresh Gerber daisy's that were placed on our table and every other table that morning. We appreciated the kind and welcoming service. Our food arrived in a timely manner and it was delicious. Prices are on the higher end but I personally tasted the difference. I mean every now and again we as consumers have to remember that life isn't always about 5 pound cheese burgers and 30oz Coca Cola's. At the end of the day everything can't be an all you can eat Chinese buffet, right?
Smoked bacon breakfast burrito
was really good thank you Chef

What's in a name?

Forkingood Cafe. I have no idea why so many people have such issue with the name. When I heard the name I can honestly say it didn't phase me at all. But then again I have had the pleasure to meet Chef Denise Portillo on a few occasions and if you talk to her for two minutes you would understand. She's funny, sarcastic at times, smart and knows what the hell she's doing.
Denise Portillo
Graduate of Le Cordon Bleu
California School of Culinary Arts
Anytime someone takes an idea and turns it in to something real and original it is inspiring. When I sat down and ate my breakfast I actually felt like I was experiencing someones vision. The food was real good as I said the service was good. The ambiance was comfortable and laid back. I appreciate the menu and all of the different takes on Mexican classics. Forkingood will definitely be part of my restaurant rotation. I would even stop by for a relaxing cup of coffee and some conversation it is a good positive space. It sounds like they had some growing pains in January and might still be working out some kinks but I had a good experience and will be back.

Going back for the pizza can't wait
to give it a whirl
 If you are a Whittier resident make sure you try to get out and frequent all of the Whittier restaurants and shops. There are so many great places to experience. You might not like them all, heck I don't like them all but at least I am able to form my own opinion on a place and go from there. I hope to see all of you out and about in Whittier real soon!

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