Wednesday, November 25, 2015


As we all know SHOP SMALL Saturday is almost upon us and I wanted to give a shout out to all of our local establishments here in Whittier, California. I encourage all of the Whittier residents to "SHOP WHITTIER" and that also means eating and having a drink in Whittier as well. As we get ready to see our family members and compose Christmas lists consider these 5 reasons to Shop Small, Shop Whittier.

It makes such a huge difference when
you Shop Small & Local

#1 Shopping local helps our local economy.The money we spend in our community has a greater impact on your community than spending your money at large national brands. 



Trax Shoes
13013 Philadelphia St

Why? The tax dollars we are spending at local businesses support city programs and improve community services. It is estimated that every $100 spent at a locally-owned business, over half of that money remains in our local economy, compared to less than half of the $100 you spend at a non-locally owned store. Sounds like a win for Whittier!


#2 Support Entrepreneurship. I am a huge advocate for the entrepreneurs of Whittier. With a weak job market and so many companies asking workers to go above and beyond their job title without compensation, starting your own business is almost a no brainer for some.

Many entrepreneurs do it for the love and offer great products and personal service.

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#3 Local Business = Local Jobs. I can tell you first hand how good it feels to shop, eat  & drink local. Every time I do I know that my money helps support local workers in my community.


13009 Philadelphia St

So many great food and bar destinations here in the city of Whittier. We are quickly becoming a foodies paradise! After you do tons of shopping in Whittier grab some lunch and dinner at one of our many local eateries and watering holes. 



6740 Greenleaf Ave
One of Whittier's best places to grab some food and drink

#4 Shopping local helps build a communities character. Whittier is such a unique place to live and visit. We have a growing population of 83,000 plus but we still have a small town feel. 

Whittier offers some of the best restaurants and bars around. The Rusty Monk and Phlight are just two restaurants out of many to choose from here in Whittier.


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6724 Bright Ave
Whittier also has a unique mix of shops, boutiques, salons, barber shops and so much more. I suggest you venture out and see what Whittier has to offer this holiday season.


Tip Top Barber
13127 Whittier Blvd & 6749 Bright Ave
Visit your favorite barber this holiday season

#5 Special Attention. How many times have you walked in to a large nationally owned chain and practically had to run someone down to help you? It has happen to me several times and it really bugs the heck out of me. The other day I was trying to fix a leaky tub at my place. I needed a few parts and some help with the job. I am no plumber but I wanted to do the job myself to save some cash. So I decided to drive to Battles Hardware on Whittier Blvd. Without boring you with the details I parked, walked in received the help I needed regarding my repair and parts I needed within 10 minutes. It is the personal care and attention you get when you shop small.

Battels Hardware
always provides a personal touch.

I really hope you do spend some of your hard earned money here in Whittier. I can tell you first hand if you do shop in Whittier you will receive great service, unique items and you will help out your community. I will be out and about this holiday season and I hope to see you out as well.


Happy Thanksgiving Whittier!

A Champion for My Whittier
Since 2012

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