Tuesday, November 17, 2015


"THE BEST" is really an over used term. We throw that term out on a regular basis and more than half of the time it is not warranted. But there are exceptions to every rule and that exception goes to Tony and the Bottle House Liquor store. Yes every liquor store pretty much carries most of the same items but when it comes to "customer service" Bottle House Liquor takes the cake in my book. 

I have visited just about every Liquor Store in town at one point or another. There are some really great ones out there but Bottle House is my spot.

Bottle House Liquor
6018 Norwalk Blvd
Whittier, CA

The Bottle House Liquor is perfectly located right off of the 605 freeway on Whittier Blvd and Norwalk Blvd. You can stop in on your way home from work or quickly exit the freeway and grab what you need and be back on the road in no time. (if you live out of the area) Close to Pico Rivera as well many customers come from the Pico area. 

"I just try and provide the best customer service I possibly can. That is the least I can do if someone is coming in to my store" Tony

Customers always come first at Bottle House!

Carlos is digging in to a fresh delivery of

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There is a craft beer movement here in Whittier and Bottle House is one of the key players. Stop by and check out the walk in craft beer fridge loaded with hundreds of beers!

Awesome Walk In Craft Beer Fridge!
Stop by and check it out
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With the holidays quickly approaching Tony is stocking up on Craft Beer, Spirit gift sets and much, much more. Make sure and visit Bottle House Liquor if you need a gift for someone special.

No gimmicks just an old school liquor store 

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You can also contact Tony if you are having a party. He provides Kegs, Bartender and many other amenities you might need. If there is something you are interested in give Tony a call. 
All questions are welcome and encouraged.

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Unmatched Customer Service
Bottle House is "Our House"

At the end of the day it is about the lost art of customer service. You can provide the goods but can you back it up with your service? There is a new wave of business owners in this town that have stepped up and do provide top notch customer service and for that I salute you. 

If you are ever in the area and need some spirits stop by the Bottle House and meet Tony.  Make sure you let him know that My Whittier sent you. Tony and the Bottle House Liquor are proud sponsors of the My Whittier Podcast and we appreciate it!

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My Whittier Approved

My Whittier Caps and T-Shirts
now available at Bottle House Liquor!

Please never, ever, ever, ever drink and drive. Always drink responsibly.

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