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I have lived in this city for almost 40 years and as the landscape of Whittier continues to change it seems like our parks hold the key to Whittier's historic past. With new housing tracks going up and old historic buildings coming down it is good to know that our beautiful parks are still here for us. Parks are a great place for Whittier traditionalist to retreat to when we need to get away. I have compiled a list of my 5 favorite parks.

Park # 1
Central Park  

When it comes to real estate and parks it is all about location, location, location and Central Park has it. Located in the heart of Uptown Whittier Central Park is home to one of the most iconic statues in town. When the sun is about to set and the weather is right this place can take you away in to a dream like state.

 Most people don't know that John Greenleaf never actually ever stepped foot here in Whittier.

Great photo taken by #ilonuno check her out on

Christoph Rittershausen is the amazing artist who Finally brought John Greenleaf home to Whittier

This park is home to so many great community events. Surrounded by historic homes of Whittier this park really does take you back to a simpler time. They do concerts in the park, movie nights, people have married here and Founders Day is always a great time to visit and enjoy this park.

Founders Day will be held here May 7th

The Shelters Right Hand held a great event at Central Park
This April 2016

This is a great place to take a walk, stop by for a picnic or maybe let the kids play on the playground while you catch a restful seat on a park bench. This will be home to this years Founders Day festivities on May 7th. Great chance to visit this park.

My Whittier is a proud sponsor of the Founders Day Event
and we will also be a vendor. We hope to see you there!

Park # 2
Penn Park

You can literally flip a coin for the best park in Whittier and if it came up heads it would be Central Park could be one or two and if it came up tails it would be Penn Park could be one or two and I don't think anyone would argue either way. Boasting some of the most jaw dropping scenery Whittier has to offer Penn Park is truly one of the best when it comes to parks in Whittier.

Penn Park has some of the mos beautiful trees in the city.
Take a walk or grab a seat and read a book
Tranquility awaits you.

Penn Park has been home to Weddings,Birthdays, romantic walks and quiet get a ways. The thing I enjoy most about this park is no place in the park is the same. If you want a water feature or a quiet area under a tree or a bench seat with a view Penn Park offers it all. You can even BBQ here but make sure you get here early they fill up quick.

Penn Park is a great place to Zen out.

Park # 3
Parnell Park

It would be impossible to leave Parnell Park off of my list. Parnell Park is host to concerts in the park and it even has it's own zoo, You can't beat that. This is a fantastic park with a great location. Basketball courts and BBQ's, super clean and large enough to find a great place to relax.

Artist: Tom Askman, "Rocket Robin" 

Rocket Robin:Aluminum Panels and LED light system
 I actually stopped by here on my lunch break one day and I had totally forgot about the zoo. It was so great to experience it I can only imagine what kids think when they see it for the first time. Even though you can no longer pet the animals it is still a great place to get real close to these cute little creatures. Parnell Park is my third favorite park in town.

I really love this park and all of the things it has to offer.
This is one of the cleanest parks on my list. I actually visited this park on a Monday morning on purpose to see what it looked like after a busy weekend of bbq's and parties and I couldn't find even a piece of paper on the ground. Kudos to the Parks and Recreation you do a great job.

Amazing BBQ area. Cook right here under the trees.
Beautiful Park

Park #4
Palm Park

Good ole Palm Park will forever hold a special place in my heart for many reasons. I actually went to Dexter Junior High and if you were lucky enough to have gym for first period there was a good chance you would be headed over to Palm Park for a dip in the pool first thing in the morning. Yikes!

Palm Park has a pool, Tennis courts and Basketball Courts.
It is also part of the beautiful Greenway Trail.

Wow thirty plus years goes by so fast! I remember the huge Airplane and Fire Truck on the old playground. We would hang out here for hours and hours. Back in the day when a Big Gulp was super huge and a Big Mac was actually big.

Flashback! I am thinking this was taken around 1982
I wonder what these guys were up to?
 Palm Park has all of the bells and whistles. They have a great pool and tennis courts. These tennis courts were so, so, so nice way back when. They have a bbq area great for parties, playground area, basketball court and the Greenway trail runs right through Palm Park.

Palm Park has some amazing trees! It is a great place to find a quiet area for a nap
or a great place to crack open a book and get lost for awhile.

Park #5
Founders Memorial Park 

This has always been one of my favorite parks in Whittier. This park is the site of two former cemeteries dating back to 1881. Vandals damaged the monuments in 2012 and have since been replaced with two new beautiful monuments.

Some say this park is haunted. I can't confirm or deny this but there is
something special about this park that I just love

This park is called a "passive" area because it was once an active cemetery. That is why there are no restrooms or cooking areas. There is something special about this park when I start walking around this park there is an immediate calming affect that takes over my body. If I visit for 5 minutes or 1 hour I always feel renewed every time and I am always so glad I visited.


Whittier Parks Map

For more information about the city of Whittier and all of the amazing parks in the city click on this link Whittier Park Information for addresses and information regarding every park in the city of Whittier, California

If you get the opportunity make sure you get out and experience the parks of Whittier. We have over 20 parks to choose from and every single one of them is unique and has a little something special to offer. I would love to hear about your favorite parks.


Make sure and explore the city of Whittier and all it has to offer.


  1. Thanks for this blog. I think it's cool!

  2. I am pretty sure the picture of the kids at Palm Park was 1973 and the kids are 6th graders at Longfellow Elementary School. The blonde kid on the left is Grant Moffitt and the kid on his right is Kent Byrne and the kid on his right is Earl Rose.

  3. Thank you for the insight! We are new to Whittier so it's great to get park feedback such as this. Excited to checkout each of these recommendations.