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If you are from Whittier and are familiar with the Uptown Whittier area  you have probably walked past or driven by the odd little, unsuspecting building on Comstock Ave. and Bailey. Over the years this building has blended in to the city as if it were an old painting hanging in your living room. It even offers locals a strange sense of familiarity and comfort. When you walk in you see the familiar faces of the volunteers that have been here for many years. You are visually overwhelmed at first but when your eyes finally focus you can really start to navigate this interesting maze of books.

Friends of the Library

Used Bookstore
6703 Comstock Ave
Whittier, CA 90601

This odd little building was once a bus station here in Whittier.
In 1980 this bus station was turned in to a used book store. 

I love visiting places like this in Whittier, it is like a real life time machine. I walk the narrow aisles and wonder, how many others have walked these aisles, who were they?  This place definitely  has a story to tell.

Grab a book, find a nook and get lost for a bit. 

Friends of the Library has donated more than $1,000,000 to Whittier Public Library since being founded in 1964. If you love books and would like to volunteer your time call 562-696-4498 or stop by the Comstock location. They are always looking for willing, reliable volunteers of all ages.

Searching for hidden gem's has become a favorite past time for some. A picture hangs
over one of the entry ways as a tribute to Francis Minerd
"Beloved Bookstore Manager & Dedicated Volunteer"

There are so many interesting things you can unearth here. They have everything from obscure hobby books, murder mysteries, children's books, paperbacks, hardbacks, maps, cassette tapes. Magazines for days and don't get me started on the National Geographic section. This is a paradise for someone who loves to collage! They even have a bin for FREE items and so much more!

If this picture makes you feel good
maybe it is time you paid a visit to this little bookstore

Make a Donation! 

They accept Audio books, periodicals, records, CD's, DVD's, VHS tapes, Maps and other items of this sort. You can drop your donations to the Central Library or directly to the bookstore on Comstock. Donations are accepted during regular store hours and on Thursdays from
10am - 2pm

At the Comstock location since 1980

I really hope this was an informative little read. I know there are some people out there that have often wondered what this little building was all about so I was happy to shed a little light on that. If you enjoy books and hometown nostalgia pay a visit to this little bus station turned bookstore. I really enjoy it and I personally think places like this are important to the city's history and character.
Please make sure to visit and make a donation.

Bonus images of my visit

If walls could talk

They say there is no such thing as a
free lunch. But there are free magazines!
National Geo's for days!
Beloved Francis Minerd
Paperbacks as far as the eye can see
The End

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