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Every city you travel to has "A Place", a pizza place, a burger place, a fish taco place, a Mexican food place. You know, "A Place." In today's day and age it is hard to open up a business and have it be, that place. Actually it is almost impossible. The market is flooded with so much of the same ole, same ole. New food fads come and go every single day. But every now and again someone comes along and clears everything off of the table with one swing of the arm. Ladies and gentleman I would like to introduce you to  

Whittier's Sandwich Shop
7701 Painter 
Whittier 90602

Owner Nikomi Arroyo has a heart bigger than a Meatball Sandwich!
Pictured here with Artist Gene Alfaro
Owners of Phlight Restaurant Jay and Nikomi Arroyo, along with brother Steven Arroyo; Owner of Escuela Taqueria created the Deli Up. Located on the corner of Painter Ave and Walnut St. honestly, they could not have picked a better location. Established in March of 2016 the Deli Up has managed to give Whittier the feeling it has been here for years. Aesthetically pleasing inside and out the Deli Up is my kind of place.

Private Party Events 
Accommodates up to 50 Guests

The folks at the Deli Up hit a grand slam with the design and feel
of this great hometown deli. 
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We live in a world where fast food is the norm and patience has become a thing of the past. The quality of food has taken a hit and mediocrity has become acceptable. This kind of thinking has left gaps in the food industry and the Deli Up stepped up and filled the sandwich gap right here in Whittier. They have managed to give us a fresh take on a classic deli concept. Slow your roll and take the time to enjoy something made with quality and care. You deserve it.

Hands down the best meatball sandwich in town.
If you don't believe me stop by and try it for yourself. 
Sandwich Tray $45-$60 = Serves 12
Salad 1/2 Tray $30 = Serves 15
Salad Full Tray $55 = Serves 35
The Deli Up has their bread delivered daily. 
Please place order 48 hours prior to serving. 

Chris Martinez is always here at the Deli Up serving up
Smiles. Long time Whittier resident and partner of the Deli Up
Veggie Options Available!

Owners Nikomi and Jay Arroyo have taken their years of experience and success in the restaurant industry and created something unique and original to Whittier for the people of Whittier. The Deli Up effortlessly weaves in help from others by offering up delicious handmade pies from Aunties Bakery and cold-pressed juices from Bailey's Juicery. You can even get your order delivered locally. Check out #Uptown_Courier on Instagram for delivery details. 


Every sandwich is hand made with care. This is
"The Italian" Marlon Brando would have had trouble finishing this thing off!
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The Deli Up is all about serving up the best rustic sandwiches you will ever eat right here in Whittier. Using the best quality meats and cheeses. Their delicious ciabatta rolls are delivered daily.

Bowie with the best bread in town!
As mentioned these sandwiches can be ordered to go or for dining in. I recommend taking the time to dine in so you can fully enjoy the Deli Up experience. With so many sandwich, salad & side options to choose from you must stop by and try The Deli Up. Ask for "spicy hots."

Monday - Saturday 11am - 7pm
Sunday 12 - 5pm

Check out The Deli Up Online

An amazing group of people doing something special 
A huge thank you and congrats to all of the employees and partners at
The Deli Up.
I am so proud to have a sandwich shop like this in my hometown.
"Whittier's Sandwich Shop"

Jay and Nikomi Arroyo, Steven Arroyo, Irene Garcia, Manuel Bogosian, Chris Martinez, Art Martinez, Rio Arroyo,
Alfredo Arroyo, Jack Bunnett

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